Foam Inserts

The Usefulness of Adhesive Backing

There are so many uses for foam that it is impossible to list them all. One thing that a lot of these uses have in common is that they require the foam to be applied to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Adhesive Backed Foam, a product that The Foam Factory now offers, is perfect for […]

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Cut Foam Easily with These DIY Open-Cell Foam Cutting Tips

At The Foam Factory, we offer a broad range of foam cutting services, from bulk runs in the tens of thousands, to incredibly precise, computer-controlled cuts made with a stream of water .005 inches in diameter. For jobs that need a personal touch, we also have decades of skilled hand-cutting experience on our team as […]

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From Gun Cases to Hunting Blinds, Foam Can Improve Your Hunting Experience

When opening day for hunting season arrives each year, people take to the great outdoors, equipped not just with arms, but with plenty of experience, know-how and do-it-yourself accessories to help them get their game. Because so much of hunting is about utilizing preparation, tact, and guile to get an advantage over one’s prey, homemade […]

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Enjoy Alternative, Contemporary Comfort With Floor Cushions

There are no two people in this world who are exactly alike. Even brothers, sisters, and twins, no matter how similar, have their own set of traits that make them their own unique individuals. And while many companies and businesses produce products and goods that cater to the most popular trends and tastes, that doesn’t […]

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Uses for Foam in the Armed Forces – Part II

This is the second post in a two-part series on the uses for foam in the military and armed forces. For the first post in this series, visit: Uses for Foam in the Armed Forces – Part I — Another foam product present in the daily life of many service men and women is a […]

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Uses for Foam in the Armed Forces – Part I

For our post on the uses for foam in the military and armed forces, we have broken the entry into two separate posts due to the number of applications it encompasses. — The applications for foam are often thought to be simple, everyday uses, but some of foam’s most important jobs, as well as some […]

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Make Your Dining Room Chairs Comfortable With The Foam Factory Custom Seat Pads

The centerpiece of many homes, dining room furniture can bring traditional elegance or modern style to one of the classic gathering spots for friends and family. These furniture sets may be passed-down heirlooms that have survived generations of use or brand-new purchases as you create your own identity as a family. Despite what kind of […]

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Get That Brand-New Feel, Even On Old Furniture, With The Foam Factory’s Custom Couch Cushions

In many homes, sofas are the center of activity and relaxation. They are where we go to watch TV or movies, read, entertain, or just relax and unwind. Given the amount of time we spend relaxing on them and the importance of unwinding after a long day of work, the comfort of that sofa or […]

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Pick and Pull Grid Foam Offers Simple and Secure DIY Packaging Solutions

Shipping minor items rarely requires more than crumpled newspaper, leftover packaging peanuts or bubble wrap if you want to be extra cautious. These materials are a great way to get non-fragile items from one place to another, affordably. More delicate materials, however, create a different kind of issue. Picking the type of material for packaging, […]

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Custom Tool Inserts: Security, Organization and Efficiency to Help You Get The Job Done

Be it a wrench to tighten a loose bolt or precision testing equipment in a mobile workstation, having easy, uncluttered access to tools is key to completing projects quickly and efficiently. With custom foam tool casing from The Foam Factory, form-fit inserts can be created for your carry-along toolbox, cases for testing instruments or the […]

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