The Usefulness of Adhesive Backing

There are so many uses for foam that it is impossible to list them all. One thing that a lot of these uses have in common is that they require the foam to be applied to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Adhesive Backed Foam, a product that The Foam Factory now offers, is perfect for keeping your projects simple without the mess of glues and sprays.

Keep Foam Installation Simple

Adhesive Backed Foam

Our adhesive backing (Avery Dennison FBA 8318 GL) is a pressure sensitive adhesive, or PSA, in a peel-and-stick format. The adhesive is covered by a white glassine liner to protect it until you are ready to go.  When ready, simply peel back the liner, stick the foam to the substrate you are attaching it to, and apply pressure. The pressure you apply gives the adhesive a firm, long-lasting hold.

Make Every Project Easy

As mentioned earlier, there are countless applications for foam. An adhesive backing can make most of these simple, and it can help you cut back on the time spent working on them. What kind of projects does adhesive backing help with? The answer may surprise you!


In manufacturing, machining, industry, and in our daily lives, we encounter gaskets and seals without even knowing it. More often than not, these seals are made up of a type of closed-cell foam. To get these gaskets to stay in place without moving, an adhesive backing can be used to hold the foam. The adhesive itself works particularly well for these applications, because it has a high resistance to heat and solvents, which are encountered in a lot of scenarios involving gaskets. Most importantly, you no longer have to worry about the constant shift or breakdown of the foam gaskets since they are being held in place by our durable adhesive.


Another foam application that we may often take for granted is insulation. Foam insulation can be found inside building walls, or even on the walls of your newest conversion van for camping! Unfortunately, foam will not stay in place without help from an adhesive. The Avery Dennison adhesive that we offer is ideal for this application! Since this adhesive is pressure sensitive, once pressure is applied, this foam will have a durable hold, even where the other surface has curves and contours.

Sound Treatment

You might be setting up sound barriers in a high school gym or in your brand new podcasting studio, but in either case, you need some way to put the foam up and keep it there. This is where our adhesive backed foam will excel. Not only are our sound barrier foams great quality, but our adhesive itself is highly durable. If you need to deaden sound in a higher temperature area, the adhesive can bear temperatures up to 120 °F.

Other Projects

Our adhesive backed foam can help in any application or project that requires foam and another surface to be glued together. Other than those listed above, this adhesive allows foam to be bonded to vinyl, tile, exterior mirrors, and other foam types. Not only can it be used indoors, but it can function outdoors, as well. With a high resistance to UV, heat, and solvents, this durable adhesive can be used in a plethora of areas outdoors, too!

Cutting Capabilities

When a project calls for foam to be cut into smaller shapes and designs, have no fear. Our adhesive is also built to withstand waterjet and die cutting. Now, you can get the pieces you need cut without having to worry about the adhesive becoming unusable!

What’s My Next Step?

Now that you know what you can use adhesive backed foam for, the next question might be about what to do with this information. If you have any project that requires foam to be adhered to any other surface or material, then adhesive backed foam is for you! At The Foam Factory, we do everything we can to keep things simple, but productive, for our customers. If you have any questions regarding the use or specifications of our adhesive backing, feel free to contact us!

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