Foam Padding

Foam For Kids: Safe and Fun!

Creating a safe and fun play area for kids is something every parent should strive to do. That’s because study after study has shown that regular playtime is vital for a child’s social, psychological, and behavioral development, and also helps stimulate creativity and promote physical dexterity. And let’s face it: play time gives parents a […]

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Think You’ve Got a Great Idea For Foam? Let Some of Our Favorite Projects Help Inspire You!

We’ve all had flashes of brilliance while trying to find the answer to a difficult problem. Tossing out awful idea after awful idea, until you surprise even yourself with one that takes care of every issue at hand. It’s hard not to be proud when these moments happen, but it can be harder to tell […]

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Interlocking Floor Tiles Offer Versatile Comfort and Safety Padding

Sometimes, there are things in life we don’t think about until we’re forced to deal with them. The size of your car’s cargo area when you have to move. The importance of sunscreen after 12 innings at the ballpark. The ink level in your printer after putting off a mid-term essay. Daily life makes us […]

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Enjoy Alternative, Contemporary Comfort With Floor Cushions

There are no two people in this world who are exactly alike. Even brothers, sisters, and twins, no matter how similar, have their own set of traits that make them their own unique individuals. And while many companies and businesses produce products and goods that cater to the most popular trends and tastes, that doesn’t […]

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Foam Products Can Help Improve Your Home’s Safety Quickly and Affordably

People are well aware that the world is a dangerous place, be it at their jobs, during their drive to work or just while running errands. One place people often let their guard down though, is at home. It makes sense that we feel safe and comfortable in our homes, because we have a sense […]

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Prevent Damage to Your Boat or Dock With Foam Padding Dock Bumpers

Owning a boat, be it a yacht or dinghy, is one of life’s major investments and one that doesn’t conclude after its final purchase. In addition to the cost of buying the boat, there are the additional licensing, winterizing and various upkeep costs that all add up as well. One way to reduce the never […]

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Foam Pit Filler: Foam Cubes and Padding From The Foam Factory

As modern athletes push the boundaries of their sports further every day, safety has become their biggest adversary, not ability or imagination. The rise in popularity of foam pits has been the solution to that issue for many extreme athletes, allowing the safe practice of new and daring tricks. And for less extreme uses, foam […]

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