Custom Cutouts

From Gun Cases to Hunting Blinds, Foam Can Improve Your Hunting Experience

When opening day for hunting season arrives each year, people take to the great outdoors, equipped not just with arms, but with plenty of experience, know-how and do-it-yourself accessories to help them get their game. Because so much of hunting is about utilizing preparation, tact, and guile to get an advantage over one’s prey, homemade […]

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Bring Your Idea to Life With Custom-Cut Polystyrene Foam

As people search for smart, creative ways to solve problems in their professional and personal lives, materials that were once thought to only be useful in one way are now being applied to a much wider range of tasks that they were never originally considered for. Versatility, usability and availability are some of the biggest […]

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Prevent Damage to Your Boat or Dock With Foam Padding Dock Bumpers

Owning a boat, be it a yacht or dinghy, is one of life’s major investments and one that doesn’t conclude after its final purchase. In addition to the cost of buying the boat, there are the additional licensing, winterizing and various upkeep costs that all add up as well. One way to reduce the never […]

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Express Your Creativity With The Foam Factory Arts and Crafts Foam

While incredibly varied, the uses for foam are often thought of functionally, in terms of a utility material that performs its job well. Be it insulating a hot tub, providing a comfortable sleeping surface or deadening sound reverberation in a room, foam is a performance material that measures up for many jobs. Unlike the people […]

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Custom Gaskets From The Foam Factory Will Earn Your Seal of Approval

As something small enough to go unnoticed in nearly all of its uses, a gasket remains one of the most vital components in some of the world’s most complicated and important mechanisms. Existing in virtually every size, shape and design imaginable, gaskets are compressed between two adjoining materials to create a seal and compensate for […]

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Have Some Safe, Foamy Fun With Custom Foam Toys

Just like people, foam has many roles to perform. During the week, it can be found working hard as insulation, floor padding, packaging or sound treatment. But once the workday is done or the weekend comes, foam has a much lighter side and can be used to make a plethora of toys for any age. […]

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Custom Tool Inserts: Security, Organization and Efficiency to Help You Get The Job Done

Be it a wrench to tighten a loose bolt or precision testing equipment in a mobile workstation, having easy, uncluttered access to tools is key to completing projects quickly and efficiently. With custom foam tool casing from The Foam Factory, form-fit inserts can be created for your carry-along toolbox, cases for testing instruments or the […]

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Putting Foam Promotional Products to Work For You

Are you searching for a memorable promotional product for your company, a fun prize or handout at a company outing or a spirit-booster for your school’s big game? You needn’t look further than custom foam cutouts from The Foam Factory, a great way to make a fun statement that will help you accomplish your goal. […]

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