How to Safely Pack and Move Glass (Panes)

As a homeowner, renter, or DIY enthusiast, you might find yourself in the position of having to pack and move glass panes. This could be due to repairing a broken window, transporting a new window from the hardware store, or moving house and wishing to take a decorative stained glass piece with you. No matter […]

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Cut Foam Easily with These DIY Closed-Cell Foam Cutting Tips

At The Foam Factory, we provide a broad range of foam cutting services, from computer-controlled cuts made with a powerful stream of water, to hand-crafted cuts made by our team with decades of experience. However, not every project requires the precision of machinery or years of honed skill. For simpler jobs, DIY cutting is not […]

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Foam in Place of Feet? Keep Your Boots and Shoes Looking Great With Foam Inserts!

When spring peeks around the corner every year, people look forward to warmer weather more than anything. After what feels like ages of snow, ice, doom, and gloom, getting out the sandals, shorts, and t-shirts can make us feel like we’re spreading our wings for the first time. But while cold weather is the last […]

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Taking a Closer Look at Foam: Part 2 – Closed-Cell Foam

For the second part in our review of the cellular structure of our foam products, we take a look at the more rugged and durable closed-cell foams! For the previous post in our two-part series, click here: Taking a Closer Look at Foam: Part 1 – Open-Cell Foam — Closed-Cell While there is relatively little cellular […]

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How To Make DIY Tool Inserts From Foam to Organize Your Collection

At the top of the list of the most aggravating household mysteries, along with missing socks and disappearing TV remotes, is how it seems whenever we need a particular tool, it’s always the only one missing from the drawer. Whether your ratchet is MIA, or the wrench you want is in hiding, it’s incredibly frustrating […]

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Strike a Bull’s-Eye With Foam Archery Practice Targets

A sport that requires skill, patience, and technical precision, archery is something that may appear easy to an observer, but actually takes an immense amount of practice, focus, and hard work to perfect. Proper form, strength, stamina, and self-awareness are all necessary for consistent success in archery. And the only way to get to this […]

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Understanding Commercial Item Descriptions A-A-59135 and A-A-59136

The world of foam polymers can become confusing, with the hundreds of minor differences in structure, compounds and molecular makeup creating completely unique and individual products. The large number of ways these materials can be manipulated is what makes them so versatile, with highly-specialized products for a particular job being created, with only a minor […]

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Prevent Damage to Your Boat or Dock With Foam Padding Dock Bumpers

Owning a boat, be it a yacht or dinghy, is one of life’s major investments and one that doesn’t conclude after its final purchase. In addition to the cost of buying the boat, there are the additional licensing, winterizing and various upkeep costs that all add up as well. One way to reduce the never […]

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Create Your Own Live Action Role-Play (LARP) Equipment With Custom Open and Closed-Cell Foam

Blending imagination, creativity and integrity, the world of Live Action Role Play, or LARP, features interactive stories in a real-world setting, all constructed by the games’ participants. Those participants, or LARPers, take on character roles in a fictional setting while using the physical world around them, combining role-playing board games with live performance. One of […]

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Insulate Buildings, Seal Foundations and Fix Cracks With Foam Backer Rod Expansion Joint Filler

In cinema, theater and television, the big name movie stars and actors are the ones who often receive the majority of praise for a production’s success. However, for every actor on the screen or stage, there are multitudes of individuals working behind camera and curtain to ensure that the 1,000,000 little things that can go […]

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