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There are no two people in this world who are exactly alike. Even brothers, sisters, and twins, no matter how similar, have their own set of traits that make them their own unique individuals. And while many companies and businesses produce products and goods that cater to the most popular trends and tastes, that doesn’t mean everybody is satisfied with what is offered. The world of furniture and comfort and support products is no different. The traditional couch, recliner and chair setup satisfies a majority of people’s comfort needs, but that doesn’t mean some people aren’t looking for something a little different.

Sizes of Suede-Covered Cushions

Sizes of Suede-Covered Cushions

The Foam Factory’s three decades of experience in the bedding and comfort and support industry has made them very aware that every customer and individual has their own set of desires and needs that can’t always be met by a mass-produced, cookie cutter product. This is why, in addition to their chair and couch cushion fabrication services and the cushy and soft Foam Sacks line, they also manufacture and offer custom floor cushions for those individuals who prefer to take a less conventional route to comfort.

While not as common as classic couch or chair seating, and less recognized than beanbag or Foam Sack seating, floor cushions are a hybrid comfort product that can be used in a multitude of ways and places. Able to be made from a large spectrum of materials, floor cushions offer the support and stability of a couch cushion, with the size, fun and versatility of a beanbag chair. Whether you like to sit on the floor, recline or spread out, a large floor cushion can offer comfort few furniture types can match. Often made from solid sections of foam or packed much more fully than a standard pillow or beanbag, floor cushions can be placed anywhere in a home to provide comfort and relaxation, without the restriction of wooden seat frames or the sometimes-absent support of beanbags.

As both the manufacturer and retailer of their products, The Foam Factory is proud to offer complete customization services for many of their goods, and floor cushions are no different. One of the easiest ways to think of floor cushions is as an oversize couch cushion or a big pillow, and The Foam Factory offers the same options for their floor cushions as they do for their couch cushions. With a range of foam types available, from super soft foam for extra cushion, to medium foam with a balance of comfort and support, to firm foam for superior support, The Foam Factory stocks materials to meet any comfort preference. Sizes and shapes aren’t limited either, with their fleet of precision machinery and computer-programming capabilities. These cushions can be made as large as 4 by 4 feet and as thick as 18 inches. Square and rectangular cushions are a breeze, with either crisp, clean edges or softer-looking rounded edges. In addition to more classic designs, contemporary styles can be made as well, from circles and ovals, to custom shapes like stars for personalizing your cushion to your room’s design or your own personal tastes.

In addition to the basic materials that make up the cushion, The Foam Factory offers many other personalization services to make your one-of-a-kind cushion perfect for you. Besides selecting the foam filling type, there are thousands of fabrics and patterns offered in The Foam Factory’s catalogs. If you already have a material in mind that you would like to use, The Foam Factory has no problem using your provided fabric for the job and will let you know exactly how much is required. For thicker cushions, welting is another option, as are simple pinched seams and even tassels for a more formal appearance. Buttons can be added for a traditional look as well. Just like couch cushions, polyester fiberfill wrap can be added for an extra layer of comfort and a fuller appearance. And whatever covering option you do decide on, it can be completely sewn shut, or have a zipper for easy removal and cleaning if you desire. A floor pillow from The Foam Factory will truly be individualized to your exact preferences.

Shredded Foam For Pillow Stuffing

Shredded Foam For Pillow Stuffing

Because floor pillows aren’t as widely-used as more traditional home furnishings, some people may wonder how they fit into the scheme of things. The fact of the matter is, large floor pillows are some of the most versatile and comfortable products you can add to your home. Firm cushions, especially when stacked or combined, can form a luxurious, oversize cushion for you to relax on that won’t take up the space of a chair or couch. Children love being able to crash into these cushions in their play rooms or relax in front of the TV. They are also fantastic for dorm furniture where space is limited. By only being a cushion without a frame, these can be easily stored when not in use if they’re used for extra seating and are also unique and attractive enough to be made into a focal point of a room. The appearance and extra support of solid filling materials makes them more appealing to some individuals than an under-stuffed, pellet-filled beanbag chair. Floor cushion pillows are also very popular in relaxation, meditation and creativity rooms, where people can let their bodies and minds unwind. And with the customization options The Foam Factory offers, your floor cushions can look as elegant and refined as the finest traditional furniture set.

So, if you’re the kind of person who never seems to be able to get comfortable in ordinary furniture, floor cushions may be perfect for you. Contact The Foam Factory, and soon, you’ll be enjoying your home in a way you never have before.

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