Tabletop Gaming and Card Nights Made Easy With Foam Table Pads

In a previous post, we discussed custom poker tables, and the benefits of foam in their construction: it makes gaming easier, more comfortable, and more accommodating. When you have the space, ability, and funds to create a dedicated gaming table, there is nothing better to play on. However, spatial limitations can outweigh the ability to […]

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Practice Makes Perfect With Foam Sports Padding and Backstops

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” When we’re young, practice is usually seen as a chore, as we’re told to practice tying our shoes, practice our handwriting, and practice instruments we may not even want to play. But as we grow older, the things we practice are more frequently things we want to do, […]

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Taking a Closer Look at Foam: Part 2 – Closed-Cell Foam

For the second part in our review of the cellular structure of our foam products, we take a look at the more rugged and durable closed-cell foams! For the previous post in our two-part series, click here: Taking a Closer Look at Foam: Part 1 – Open-Cell Foam — Closed-Cell While there is relatively little cellular […]

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From Planes, to Trains, to Automobiles: The Many Hobby Uses for Foam

Foam, in all of its varieties, is a material we typically use to get a job done. Whether insulating a home, stuffing a couch cushion, or managing sound with acoustical treatment, foam puts in long hours on the job, helping us perform better in ours. But while foam will always be a valuable commodity for […]

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Strike a Bull’s-Eye With Foam Archery Practice Targets

A sport that requires skill, patience, and technical precision, archery is something that may appear easy to an observer, but actually takes an immense amount of practice, focus, and hard work to perfect. Proper form, strength, stamina, and self-awareness are all necessary for consistent success in archery. And the only way to get to this […]

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From Gun Cases to Hunting Blinds, Foam Can Improve Your Hunting Experience

When opening day for hunting season arrives each year, people take to the great outdoors, equipped not just with arms, but with plenty of experience, know-how and do-it-yourself accessories to help them get their game. Because so much of hunting is about utilizing preparation, tact, and guile to get an advantage over one’s prey, homemade […]

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Keep Your Kids Safe and Sound on the Playground

Maintaining the health and happiness of a child is one of the most important jobs for a parent and instilling the habit of exercise in a child early on in life is something that can benefit them throughout the course of their life.  Just as important as exercising the body is exercising the mind, as […]

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Get More From Your Floor With Foam Factory Floor Padding and Underlayments

People with active lifestyles know the importance of preparing before physical activity. Stretching, hydration and proper attire or equipment all play a factor in smartly and safely engaging in any athletic endeavor. And while most people take proper precautions to ready their bodies, the environment in which they are engaging in activity is often overlooked. […]

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Give Your Favorite Furry Friend a Leg Up With The Foam Factory Pet Products

Pets are like members of the family, with some people treating them like their own children. And just as we use products to make our lives easier, there are also materials that can make our pets’ lives easier as they age, recover from medical procedures or just because they deserve them. With the potential uses […]

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