Custom Cushion

Cover Fabric for Your Outdoor Foam Cushions

A few months ago we gave you some ideas for choosing the right type of foam for your outdoor cushions. We told you about the different properties of dryfast foam, closed cell foam, and polyurethane foam, and recommended some applications for each. But choosing the best foam is only half the battle when it comes […]

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Which Type of Foam is Right For Your Outdoor Cushions?

Don’t look now, but spring is only a month away. That means the weather will soon be mild enough for you to begin spending more time on your patio, deck, or boat. But what happens if you pull your outdoor furniture or boating equipment from storage only to realize that the cushions are saggy, rotten, […]

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Enjoy Alternative, Contemporary Comfort With Floor Cushions

There are no two people in this world who are exactly alike. Even brothers, sisters, and twins, no matter how similar, have their own set of traits that make them their own unique individuals. And while many companies and businesses produce products and goods that cater to the most popular trends and tastes, that doesn’t […]

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DIY Outdoor and Survival Supplies With Closed and Open-Cell Foam

Foam is considered to be one of the top materials for insulating homes and structures. With an assortment of types that feature high R-Values, a measure of thermal resistance, locating a foam that doesn’t insulate can prove to be more difficult than finding one that does. While construction is the most typical use of urethane […]

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Custom Eggcrate Padding: Pressure Relief and Supportive Comfort

Foam is one of the most widely utilized materials for relieving discomfort, able to to reduce pressure, soften uncomfortable hard surfaces and give vital support to the body. With the variety of foam materials and the versatility of each type, foam can be customized to fit the needs of any individual. One kind of foam […]

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Let Foam Wedges and Bolsters Help You Combat Acid Reflux

While many people, particularly those unaffected, consider acid reflux to be a preventable result of eating too much, too fast or the wrong types of food, it is technically classified as a disease, and its long-term effects can become major health issues. These problems, such as esophageal damage, bleeding, ulcers, scarring and reduced swallowing ability […]

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors Comfortably on Your Custom Patio Furniture Cushions!

Despite each of the seasons getting their fair share of the year, it always feels like cold, blustery winter gets a bigger chunk of the calendar than it deserves. To compensate for the perceived shortcomings of the other three seasons, we try to spend as much time as possible enjoying the weather before we’re forced […]

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Make Your Dining Room Chairs Comfortable With The Foam Factory Custom Seat Pads

The centerpiece of many homes, dining room furniture can bring traditional elegance or modern style to one of the classic gathering spots for friends and family. These furniture sets may be passed-down heirlooms that have survived generations of use or brand-new purchases as you create your own identity as a family. Despite what kind of […]

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Get That Brand-New Feel, Even On Old Furniture, With The Foam Factory’s Custom Couch Cushions

In many homes, sofas are the center of activity and relaxation. They are where we go to watch TV or movies, read, entertain, or just relax and unwind. Given the amount of time we spend relaxing on them and the importance of unwinding after a long day of work, the comfort of that sofa or […]

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Custom Boat Cushions and Padding: Comfort and Safety on the Sea

Whether you live where there is a distinct summer season or enjoy a warm, temperate climate year-round, there is no better place to stay cool or relax than the lakes, rivers and streams that dot the country. No matter how you get out on the water, be it fishing with a small outboard motor, relaxing […]

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