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Great Foam DIY Projects to Make for Kids

Kid-sized furniture and accessories are wonderful to have in the home. But even the tiniest chair or foam sack can be rather expensive, especially when emblazoned with Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes, or pro sports team logos. To cut down on the expense and bring a more personal touch to each piece, we recommend taking a […]

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Cut Foam Easily with These DIY Closed-Cell Foam Cutting Tips

At The Foam Factory, we provide a broad range of foam cutting services, from computer-controlled cuts made with a powerful stream of water, to hand-crafted cuts made by our team with decades of experience. However, not every project requires the precision of machinery or years of honed skill. For simpler jobs, DIY cutting is not […]

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Cut Foam Easily with These DIY Open-Cell Foam Cutting Tips

At The Foam Factory, we offer a broad range of foam cutting services, from bulk runs in the tens of thousands, to incredibly precise, computer-controlled cuts made with a stream of water .005 inches in diameter. For jobs that need a personal touch, we also have decades of skilled hand-cutting experience on our team as […]

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Need Wholesale Upholstery Supplies? Try Foam Factory!

These days, The Foam Factory is a renowned supplier of open-cell and closed-cell foam products and materials. But when they first opened more than 30 years ago, The Foam Factory’s focus was on upholstery, from chairs and stools, to couches and cornice boards. Those roots are still part of The Foam Factory’s business, and with […]

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Foam in Place of Feet? Keep Your Boots and Shoes Looking Great With Foam Inserts!

When spring peeks around the corner every year, people look forward to warmer weather more than anything. After what feels like ages of snow, ice, doom, and gloom, getting out the sandals, shorts, and t-shirts can make us feel like we’re spreading our wings for the first time. But while cold weather is the last […]

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Build a DIY Beanbag with Foam Factory’s Custom Beanbag Chair Materials!

At The Foam Factory, we offer plenty of products that can help you over-achieve on a DIY project without going over budget. From couch cushions to pipe insulation, do-it-yourself foam products can make your life easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Lately, The Foam Factory has seen an increase in one particular project people are […]

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