How to Safely Pack and Move Glass (Panes)

As a homeowner, renter, or DIY enthusiast, you might find yourself in the position of having to pack and move glass panes. This could be due to repairing a broken window, transporting a new window from the hardware store, or moving house and wishing to take a decorative stained glass piece with you. No matter […]

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Using and Understanding Military Performance Specification MIL-PRF-26514

For industries that manufacture on a large scale, the consistency, dependability and quality of source materials are the most important factors at hand when thousands or even millions of products may be impacted by a single batch of raw material. This is important not just for the first order, but as order volume increases over […]

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Understanding Commercial Item Descriptions A-A-59135 and A-A-59136

The world of foam polymers can become confusing, with the hundreds of minor differences in structure, compounds and molecular makeup creating completely unique and individual products. The large number of ways these materials can be manipulated is what makes them so versatile, with highly-specialized products for a particular job being created, with only a minor […]

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Shipping and Storing Electronics Safely is Simple With Anti-Static Foam

Using appropriate packaging materials for shipping or storage is a no-brainer for anyone concerned with the security of products being transported or stored. In addition to the disappointment of opening a package to find damaged goods, poorly packed items result in extra costs to both buyers and sellers. Foam is one packaging material that can […]

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Pick and Pull Grid Foam Offers Simple and Secure DIY Packaging Solutions

Shipping minor items rarely requires more than crumpled newspaper, leftover packaging peanuts or bubble wrap if you want to be extra cautious. These materials are a great way to get non-fragile items from one place to another, affordably. More delicate materials, however, create a different kind of issue. Picking the type of material for packaging, […]

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