Contemporary Furniture

Enjoy Alternative, Contemporary Comfort With Floor Cushions

There are no two people in this world who are exactly alike. Even brothers, sisters, and twins, no matter how similar, have their own set of traits that make them their own unique individuals. And while many companies and businesses produce products and goods that cater to the most popular trends and tastes, that doesn’t […]

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Get That Brand-New Feel, Even On Old Furniture, With The Foam Factory’s Custom Couch Cushions

In many homes, sofas are the center of activity and relaxation. They are where we go to watch TV or movies, read, entertain, or just relax and unwind. Given the amount of time we spend relaxing on them and the importance of unwinding after a long day of work, the comfort of that sofa or […]

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Comfy as a Cloud: The Foam Factory’s Foam Sack Contemporary Furniture Line

In a world where we’re connected 24-7, fitting everything we want and need to do in a day has become incredibly difficult. With the precious free time we do manage to set aside, even social commitments can be stressful, as we struggle to accommodate friends and family.  At least with The Foam Factory’s introduction of […]

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