Open-Cell Foam

Keep Your Golf Simulator Safe with Memory Foam

Whether you enjoy a good round of golf, or you just enjoy the camaraderie that comes with it, spending time with a golf club in your hand can be a real blast. Sometimes, bad weather can put a halt to your plans of spending the day on the golf course. As a result, there has […]

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Soften Up Your Dorm Mattress!

It’s about time for school to start up again, and you are moving into your new dorm room. You walk into the room for the first time, sit down on the mattress, and realize that this mattress is not comfortable!  It is time to start looking at options to help make your mattress cozier at […]

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Making Sense of Open-Cell Foam Densities

When dealing with foam products, knowing a material’s density but not how that value compares to others is a lot like being given a car without the keys. Sure, it’s cool, but how are you supposed to use it? Without having a solid understanding of the scale density values are measured on, knowing the numerical […]

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Identify The Warning Signs of a Declining Seat or Sofa Cushion Before It’s Too Late!

When you’re watching the clock crawl backwards at work, with your back and neck aching from your poorly-designed desk, while ringing phones and non-stop messages fry your nerves, where’s the one place you’d rather be? Besides “a private beach,” or “anywhere else,” the answer for many people is in their favorite couch or chair at […]

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Strong Mattress Foundations are the Biggest Building Block of a Great Bed

Just like a pizza can’t be baked without the dough, or a car can’t be constructed without a frame, most products won’t be of use to anyone without a sound foundation. A good’s usability, utility, and durability are, more often than not, tied to the quality of the foundation or system they are built upon. […]

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Spooky Sponges Make For Fun, Festive Halloween Decorations!

Just in time for Halloween, The Foam Factory is offering some fun foam cutouts, great for crafts or decorations! With a friendly jack-o’-lantern and a spooky bat both measuring 1′ in width, you can get a sizable home decoration that’s easy to mount, easy to store, lightweight, and won’t scuff or damage any surfaces. The […]

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Why Shop With Foam Factory?

At The Foam Factory, we understand your choices as a consumer can sometimes be overwhelming. The days when Henry Ford offered cars in any color, provided it was black, have given way to an age where there are 20 kinds of dish soap on the store shelf; a number that easily doubles if you add […]

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Cut Foam Easily with These DIY Open-Cell Foam Cutting Tips

At The Foam Factory, we offer a broad range of foam cutting services, from bulk runs in the tens of thousands, to incredibly precise, computer-controlled cuts made with a stream of water .005 inches in diameter. For jobs that need a personal touch, we also have decades of skilled hand-cutting experience on our team as […]

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Pick The Right Glue For The Job: How to Select Adhesives For Bonding Foam

Whether you’re rebuilding the engine on a car or helping your child with his or her science project, things always go smoother when you use the right tools for the job. This is equally true in the world of foam, whether you’re a homeowner working on a DIY project or a business making custom seat […]

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Sitting Pretty: Outfit Specialty Seating Applications With Durable Rebond Foam

When people are able to decide what kind of seat cushioning foam they put in their chairs or couches, they often say that they want the firmest, longest-lasting foam possible. Generally, this is said with traditional high-density foam for cushions in mind. However, many consumers aren’t aware that specialty open-cell foam types exist that can easily surpass standard cushioning foam […]

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