Foam Products Can Help Improve Your Home’s Safety Quickly and Affordably

People are well aware that the world is a dangerous place, be it at their jobs, during their drive to work or just while running errands. One place people often let their guard down though, is at home. It makes sense that we feel safe and comfortable in our homes, because we have a sense of control there that we do not have anywhere else in our lives. But the large amount of time we spend in our homes increases the odds for an accident by probability alone, and our weekend projects we would never be asked (or allowed) to do elsewhere don’t help either. These factors and many others combine to result in more accidents happening around the home than any other location. Luckily, with the application of foam home safety products from The Foam Factory, you can minimize the potential for accidents to you and your family.

Pole Bumper Protective Wraps

Pole Bumper Protective Wraps

With a multitude of products available in both open and closed-cell foam types, The Foam Factory’s manufacturing capabilities let them tailor foam to your specific needs. Featuring products that can be applied to any room in the house, an ounce of prevention now is worth a pound of remedy later.

Easily one of the most dangerous locations in the home is the basement. Occasionally poorly lit with support pillars, overhead ducts and wire work scattered all around you, it’s not hard for a simple trip downstairs to quickly turn sour. Whether rarely used or fully furnished, support pillars in the basement are an accident waiting to happen. From a minor incident like a stubbed toe or banged elbow to something as serious a child hitting his or her head, metal poles are unforgiving and are rarely noticed until somebody gets hurt. With open-cell charcoal foam basement pole wrap from The Foam Factory, you can encase these obstacles with an inch of soft, impact-absorbing cushioning. The only step to installation is simply sliding the bumper foam around the pole with the pre-cut slit. These 6-foot tall basement pole covers are big enough to protect from head to toe and come in three diameters for fitting around any pole.

Ducts, low ceilings and floor joists can also be dangerous overhead obstacles in the basement. Retrofitted ductwork or new installations may not fit as cleanly as previous systems, the ceiling may be particularly low or you may just be particularly tall. Regardless of why they are the way they are, ducts, joists or any structures that cannot be walked under with a normal gait pose a threat. To protect yourself and others against sharp edges and hard surfaces, wrapping foam bumpers around the edges of problem areas can help soften an accidental blow and reduce the potential of a serious injury. Flexible and form-fitting like the pole wrap, neoprene is one foam product that can help absorb impact should you forget to duck. With a resilient structure that provides great shock absorbing capabilities, this closed-cell foam is sturdy but cushioning. Available in thicknesses of 1/8 of an inch to 2 inches, a full or half sheet of 1/2 inch neoprene is suggested for adding head protection to basement obstacles without further  reducing ceiling height with a thick, bulky cushion. These can be screwed into joists with washers, attached to ductwork with spray adhesive or wrapped and attached with straps.

Open-Cell Foam Door Stopper

Open-Cell Foam Door Stopper

Home safety for kids becomes top priority when evaluating your house, as anyone with a family knows. A break in your attention of just a few seconds is more than enough time for a child to be hurt in an accident, so taking full precaution when safeguarding your home is important.  For homes with fireplaces, the hard brickwork and sharp edges can be extremely dangerous for children and adults alike. The Foam Factory makes installation-free fireplace padding covers with wooden frames and open-cell high density foam to fit over the edges and corners of fireplace hearths. The Foam Factory is able to make custom-cut foam covers to the specific dimensions of your fireplace, so there is no worry of an ill-fitting, mass-produced form leaving exposed areas. With a design that simply rests on the ledge, there is no drilling or fastening to the fireplace to cause potential damage. These are an absolute necessity for families with children just learning to crawl and walk. Another childproofing safety product The Foam Factory offers is the open-cell foam door stopper, which also requires zero installation. The wedge fits snugly around the edge or top of a door, keeping it from slamming shut on tiny fingers, locking someone in or out of a room and also prevents doorknobs from punching holes in walls if the door swings open. When you do want the door shut, they can be simply pulled off and stored in seconds.

In addition to its overhead use in the basement, neoprene can also be helpful preventing accidents in the bath. When bathing a child or pet, you lean on or over the hard, slippery edges of the tub. A slip or bump can be painful and dangerous for the individual outside of the tub, as well as the child or animal inside. Water resistant neoprene sheets can be placed over the edge of the tub for a safety mat, providing a comfortable padded surface that protects elbows and arms outside of the tub and heads and limbs inside. Neoprene foam does not absorb water, so they will not rot or harbor mold, mildew or bacteria. And even when wet, the neoprene foam will provide more grip and certainly more padding for elbows than the tub’s hard surface. When bath time is over, they are flexible enough to be draped over the shower rod to dry like a towel. These sheets can even be cut into longer forms to provide a comfortable kneeling pad, all connected in one product.

With more accidents occurring in the home than anywhere else, it’s important to be aware of the potential hazards around you. Whether taking precautionary steps or trying to remedy a situation you’ve already encountered, The Foam Factory has an inventory of products that are perfect for protecting you and the ones you care about.

Note: The Foam Factory will not have any liability to anyone for incidental or consequential damages or any other liability, injury, loss or damage arising out of or related to our products, even if The Foam Factory or an authorized representative of The Foam Factory has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

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