Couch Cushion

Which Type of Foam is Right For Your Outdoor Cushions?

Don’t look now, but spring is only a month away. That means the weather will soon be mild enough for you to begin spending more time on your patio, deck, or boat. But what happens if you pull your outdoor furniture or boating equipment from storage only to realize that the cushions are saggy, rotten, […]

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Identify The Warning Signs of a Declining Seat or Sofa Cushion Before It’s Too Late!

When you’re watching the clock crawl backwards at work, with your back and neck aching from your poorly-designed desk, while ringing phones and non-stop messages fry your nerves, where’s the one place you’d rather be? Besides “a private beach,” or “anywhere else,” the answer for many people is in their favorite couch or chair at […]

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Need Wholesale Upholstery Supplies? Try Foam Factory!

These days, The Foam Factory is a renowned supplier of open-cell and closed-cell foam products and materials. But when they first opened more than 30 years ago, The Foam Factory’s focus was on upholstery, from chairs and stools, to couches and cornice boards. Those roots are still part of The Foam Factory’s business, and with […]

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How To Glue Foam: Helpful DIY Foam Tips

DIY projects are more popular than they have ever been, as people look for ways to stretch a dollar, find a new hobby, or take greater ownership of the things in and around their lives. With this trend, people aren’t only taking on more of the typical at-home projects, they are also expanding their efforts […]

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Confidently Buy Foam: Understanding the Differences in Foam Quality

Foam suppliers and manufacturers possess enough control over the creation of foam to make many different grades of similar materials. While this may sound underhanded or sinister, the foam fabrication process of creating different grades and qualities is actually quite beneficial to consumers, whether it’s a new queen-size foam bed, firm foam for cushions, or […]

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