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Why You Should Make a Custom Foam Kayak Seat

Standard kayak seats leave a lot to be desired. They are designed in a one-size-fits-all fashion, but rarely live up to that ideal. As a result, many kayakers find themselves stuck with a seat that doesn’t conform well to their backside or hips; that angles their body in a way that inhibits control and stability; […]

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3 Types of Custom Packaging for Equipment, Tools, and Collectibles

When shipping or traveling with specialty items such as expensive equipment, tools, and collectibles, the type of packaging you use is of paramount importance. Pack the items too loosely, and they become vulnerable to damage from shaking, jarring, and rough handling. Pack the items too tightly, and they may bend, warp, or become difficult to […]

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Which Type of Foam is Right For Your Outdoor Cushions?

Don’t look now, but spring is only a month away. That means the weather will soon be mild enough for you to begin spending more time on your patio, deck, or boat. But what happens if you pull your outdoor furniture or boating equipment from storage only to realize that the cushions are saggy, rotten, […]

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Spooky Sponges Make For Fun, Festive Halloween Decorations!

Just in time for Halloween, The Foam Factory is offering some fun foam cutouts, great for crafts or decorations! With a friendly jack-o’-lantern and a spooky bat both measuring 1′ in width, you can get a sizable home decoration that’s easy to mount, easy to store, lightweight, and won’t scuff or damage any surfaces. The […]

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Using and Understanding Military Performance Specification MIL-PRF-26514

For industries that manufacture on a large scale, the consistency, dependability and quality of source materials are the most important factors at hand when thousands or even millions of products may be impacted by a single batch of raw material. This is important not just for the first order, but as order volume increases over […]

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Dryfast Foam: What It Is, How It’s Made and What It’s Used For

Dryfast is a particularly unique material in the diverse world of foam.  An open-cell foam, Dryfast is the most porous material of all varieties of cellularly-interconnected foams. If you placed a block of traditional polyurethane foam a few feet away and looked at it, you would struggle to see any of the tiny cells that […]

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