Soften Up Your Dorm Mattress!

It’s about time for school to start up again, and you are moving into your new dorm room. You walk into the room for the first time, sit down on the mattress, and realize that this mattress is not comfortable!  It is time to start looking at options to help make your mattress cozier at […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Shipping

Every year, the US Postal Service delivers millions of packages during the holiday season, including an estimated 30 million pieces on December 21 alone. If you’re planning to ship gifts and other goodies to your loved ones this year, it’s important to do it the right way so your packages don’t get damaged or lost […]

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Why Shop With Foam Factory?

At The Foam Factory, we understand your choices as a consumer can sometimes be overwhelming. The days when Henry Ford offered cars in any color, provided it was black, have given way to an age where there are 20 kinds of dish soap on the store shelf; a number that easily doubles if you add […]

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Extend the Life of Your Mattress: Part IV – Support Your Mattress

With the fourth entry in our series on getting the most out of your mattress, we tell you why giving support is just as important as receiving it, as well as why, as a mattress-owning individual, you shouldn’t be sleeping on the floor. Previous posts: Extend the Life of Your Mattress: Part I – Keep […]

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The Differences and Relationship Between Foam’s Density, Weight, and Firmness

If you were to tell a stranger that foam has density, weight, and firmness characteristics, he or she would likely understand, given how common the terms are. However, one of the most confusing things about foam is the relationship between these characteristics. On the surface, it would seem the density or weight of a material […]

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Body Wedges: A Boost In The Right Direction

Be it acid reflux, sleep apnea, areas of pain, circulation issues or snoring, many health problems can be traced back to physiological sources such as poor posture or insufficient body support. Before invasive or costly measures are taken, such as surgery or prescriptions, simple lifestyle changes may be all that’s needed to help improve your […]

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Putting Foam Promotional Products to Work For You

Are you searching for a memorable promotional product for your company, a fun prize or handout at a company outing or a spirit-booster for your school’s big game? You needn’t look further than custom foam cutouts from The Foam Factory, a great way to make a fun statement that will help you accomplish your goal. […]

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Custom Mattresses: Personalized Sleep, Tailored to You

Decades of research have linked a lack of sleep to numerous health problems, such as weight issues, irritability, difficulty focusing, depression and even hallucinations. These kinds of symptoms can arise not only from a lack of sleep, but also from poor or interrupted sleep. Setting aside a full 8 hours a night doesn’t benefit anyone […]

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Promotional Product Packaging and the Difference It Makes

Leaving a memorable mark on a potential customer is the name of the game for anyone involved in marketing, as meaningful impact helps create front-of-mind awareness in target markets and consumers. Product promotions are excellent for creating awareness as well as continually reminding consumers of your message. But as markets become saturated with promotions, standing […]

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Maximizing Comfort and Safety for Athletes With Custom Foam Padding

Just as better ideas and more efficient strategies replace older and outdated ones in business and industry, the world of sports is also constantly evolving. Sluggers eating five hotdogs before the game and power forwards taking smoke breaks at halftime have been replaced by athletes who work out seven days a week and have single […]

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