Foam Testing

Foam Firmness and Compression Strength: Understanding These Assesments and What They Mean to You

To evaluate a foam product for potential use in a comfort application, possibly the most useful testing value to take into consideration is its compression strength. This measurement rates the firmness and feel of foam by evaluating its ability to support weight and pressure. These values help categorize materials by placing them along a numerically […]

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The Differences and Relationship Between Foam’s Density, Weight, and Firmness

If you were to tell a stranger that foam has density, weight, and firmness characteristics, he or she would likely understand, given how common the terms are. However, one of the most confusing things about foam is the relationship between these characteristics. On the surface, it would seem the density or weight of a material […]

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Shore Durometers: Measuring Foam’s Hardness and Applying Its Values

When a material is versatile enough to be used in a multitude of applications, understanding its characteristics is vital to ensuring it isn’t mistakenly applied to a job it’s not suited for. Given the types of foam products that exist and the different ways each can be used, knowing the hardness of a material is […]

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