Body Wedges: A Boost In The Right Direction

Be it acid reflux, sleep apnea, areas of pain, circulation issues or snoring, many health problems can be traced back to physiological sources such as poor posture or insufficient body support. Before invasive or costly measures are taken, such as surgery or prescriptions, simple lifestyle changes may be all that’s needed to help improve your health. The Foam Factory’s body wedge line is one easy and affordable way to improve posture, ease stress, boost comfort and potentially assist in alleviating these ailments without drastically impacting your life.

Leg Support Wedge

Leg Support Wedge

Very versatile products, body wedges can be used in multiple ways. In addition to upper and lower body support while sleeping, wedges can be used in the same way while relaxing, reading or watching TV. In particular, the utilization of a foam wedge has provided an effective acid reflux treatment for many by gently boosting their body angles. Wedges can also be used as seating cushions, an exercise product or in physical therapy.

Available in six angle sizes ranging from 14 degrees to 33.5 degrees, these 24 inch long wedges can provide a gentle boost, a drastic one, or any in between.  When placed upright on their ends, they can provide a steep bolstering angle for users wanting to prop themselves upright for reading or watching television in bed. A foam support or sleeping wedge is also excellent for isolating specific problem areas. For an individual who has circulation issues or desires knee support for example, a leg wedge can help target the issue. These bed wedges are made from a poly foam that has a soft feel and a 1.5 pound density that doesn’t allow it to be compacted by body weight.

Slightly different from standard body wedges, medical foam body wedges have unique characteristics that make them particularly useful for long-term use or applications involving physical exertion. In other products, moisture generated by exercise or body heat can, over time, cultivate microorganism growth in a foam sleep support. However, medical foam is anti-microbial and suppresses irritants like mold, mildew and bacteria. Medical foam also features a textured wave pattern across its diagonal cut to increase air circulation and help the user maintain their desired position. These medical foam wedges are available in the same sizes and angles as a poly foam wedge.

Knee Pillow

Knee Pillow

For people who must remain seated for extended periods of time, The Foam Factory offers specially designed orthopedic seat cushions. People have a tendency to lean forward or slouch during the day, creating stress and tension in their neck, shoulders and back. These cushions combine a forward facing slope for improved posture with a rear cut-out to relieve tailbone pressure. Pressure generated in the tailbone region radiates up the spine, so cushioning that area positively impacts the rest of the body.

The orthopedic cushion comes in three different heights; 3, 4 and 5 inches tall for selecting the most beneficial wedge angle. Available in HD36-HQ, Lux-HQ and soon, medical foam, these cushions have either a medium or firm feel, long-lasting resiliency and will support you day after day.  Foam cushions can also aid in the prevention of pressure sores for those in wheelchairs. Of course, even if you don’t have a specific medical need for a seating or body wedge, a supportive foam cushion will make any hard or uncomfortable seat much more pleasant.

Cover options for the body wedge line are numerous as well. The standard poly wedge comes with a non-removable gray and white striped cover, made of a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend that is able to be spot cleaned as necessary. The medical foam body wedge offers greater customization with two protector fabric options in nearly 20 different colors, with an additional option to receive the product as a foam-only form. The Foam Factory’s 100 percent cotton twill covers and 100 percent micro-fiber suede covers include zippers for easy removal and are able to be machine washed. The twill covers feature nine available colors while the suede has 12 custom color options. And though the orthopedic cushions are currently only available in foam-only forms, The Foam Factory will soon be introducing a non-removable gray and white striped cover like the one offered for the poly body wedge.

Regardless of your needs, whether it’s to improve your health, help you relax, stay comfortable at work or while driving or to just sleep better at home, The Foam Factory’s body wedges can provide the support and comfort you need to live a better life.

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