Custom Mattresses: Personalized Sleep, Tailored to You

Decades of research have linked a lack of sleep to numerous health problems, such as weight issues, irritability, difficulty focusing, depression and even hallucinations. These kinds of symptoms can arise not only from a lack of sleep, but also from poor or interrupted sleep. Setting aside a full 8 hours a night doesn’t benefit anyone if they only manage to get 3 hours of actual sleep. These factors, along with the fact we spend an average of one third of our lives sleeping (or at least trying to), make getting the best sleep possible a vital part of leading a happy and productive life.

Custom Mattress

Custom Memory Foam and Poly Mattress

But for many, nights are spent restlessly tossing and turning and mornings arrive with soreness and aches. While plenty of things can cause an individual to lose sleep, from stress or an altered sleep schedule to eating or drinking right before bed, sleeping surface is rarely considered. However, a mattress that doesn’t give the body the correct balance of comfort and support can prevent a person from sleeping all on its own. At The Foam Factory, they know every person requires an individualized sleeping experience. For this reason, they provide fully customizable mattresses in any shape, size, design or material, in addition to their broad selection of standard mattresses.

The Foam Factory stocks a large variety of foam types for bedding, including soft, medium and firm conventional foam, latex foam, occasional-use poly foam and 3, 4 and 5 pound memory foam densities. The sheer number of material choices ensure that anyone can find the perfect bed, whether they need the softest or firmest support. The Foam Factory will even utilize foam types not traditionally made into bedding, should a customer have a specialized need for their foam mattress. Non-traditional foam types that can be used by special request include open-cell types rebond and Dryfast foam and closed-cell types gymnastic rubber, neoprene and polyethylene. Additionally, if a customer desires a specific foam type not available in-house, The Foam Factory will gladly accept a customer-provided material and cut or modify the product to specification.

The one-of-a-kind designs and unique styling in antique, imported, novelty and custom-made contemporary beds make them sentimental favorites, but when it comes to finding mattresses for these products, their non-standard sizes make it difficult to find a matching mattress. Often, a compromise has to be made in comfort or cost just to have a usable bed. This is no longer an issue with The Foam Factory’s affordable custom mattresses, as they can produce the perfect sleeping surface, tailored to both you and the bed. And with the only size limitation being what shipping carriers can physically deliver, in short, if it can be mailed, it can be made. Other applications that frequently require custom mattresses are baby crib bedding, boat beds, campers and sleeping cabins in freight trucks.

Foam Mattress

Foam Mattress with Striped Cover

If you’re in need of custom comfort, The Foam Factory is able to manufacture bedding products in any structural combination desired, in both standard and irregular sizes. Be it a 10 inch thick, medium-feel mattress, 3 inches of 5 pound memory foam on top of a 5 inch, high-quality firm base or 4 inches of poly foam  for a guest bedroom, if you need it, The Foam Factory can and will make it. This flexibility in manufacturing is invaluable for couples who have two very different sleeping preferences but share a bed. Different varieties of foam can be bonded together to create a mattress that provides separate sleeping experiences in one product. One side of a personalized bed can consist of soft foam for an extremely cushiony product, while the other can be made of firm foam for excellent support. Different foam materials can also be layered atop one another for a hybrid sleeping experience that blends comfort and support for people who have preferences that fall between two solid foam types.

The Foam Factory can also create mattresses of separate bonded materials for different characteristics across the surface of the mattress. This could be something like medium density foam at the head and neck, firm foam through the torso and legs, soft and cushioning foam at the feet or any other combination. For even more precision comfort, striations and patterns can be cut into products to create areas of greater airflow, cushion or support in the same solid product, combining the qualities of both a firm and soft bed. They also manufacture a foam bed bridge that allows two mattresses to be merged into one larger mattress without a seam in the middle.

Considering the benefits of a good night’s sleep, as well as the consequences of a poor night’s sleep, a proper mattress is one of the most important investments an individual will make. So before you purchase a cookie-cutter mattress, rolled out of a warehouse with no thought taken towards your individualized needs, imagine sleeping soundly through the night, waking up pain-free, refreshed and ready to face the day. That experience is what a custom mattress from The Foam Factory can provide.

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