Eggcrate Foam

Soundproofing vs Acoustic Treatment

Although soundproofing and acoustic treatment are two techniques for altering the sound in a room, they serve different purposes and produce very different results. To learn which one suits your needs, check out the general uses of each.   Soundproofing The goal in soundproofing is to prevent as much noise as possible from either entering […]

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Foam Mattress Topper Thickness: What’s Right For You?

As one of today’s most popular comfort products, foam mattress toppers are purchased everyday by people who wake up each morning sore, exhausted, and unhappy. Offering the ability to extend a mattress’ life and maximize its comfort, foam mattress toppers are practical, functional, and affordable products that improve quality of sleep for many people. With […]

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Custom Eggcrate Padding: Pressure Relief and Supportive Comfort

Foam is one of the most widely utilized materials for relieving discomfort, able to to reduce pressure, soften uncomfortable hard surfaces and give vital support to the body. With the variety of foam materials and the versatility of each type, foam can be customized to fit the needs of any individual. One kind of foam […]

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Better Sound Quality at a Great Value: Foam Factory’s Economy Eggcrate Sound Deadening Foam

Society has conditioned us to accept noise as the norm, whether we’re at work, in the car or at home. In reality, these distractions should be exceptions to the rule. With The Foam Factory’s economy-sized 72 inch by 80 inch sheets of charcoal eggcrate acoustical foam, any space can experience noise reduction and better sound […]

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