Acoustical Foam

Optimize Acoustics for Meeting and Conference Rooms

Modern meeting and conference rooms tend to feature a lot of high-tech equipment to facilitate presentations, teleconferences, and video conferences with participants from around the globe. But one thing that’s often overlooked when setting up such state-of-the-art workspaces is acoustics. It doesn’t do much good to invest thousands of dollars in HD video and premium […]

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How To Get Better Speaker Performance Through Decoupling

A premium sound system can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but is also able to prove its value to a listener the second a favorite song reaches its crescendo, or when a blockbuster movie’s big fight scene breaks out.  But no matter how much is spent on speakers and receivers, their performance will still […]

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Get Detailed and Precise Products with Foam Compression Cutting

Increased focus on the study and science of sleep has made millions of people more aware of how important a full night’s sleep is to their health, as well as the importance of proper body support in getting that sleep. At the same time, the world of design and manufacturing changes at a pace that […]

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Tailor Your Room’s Acoustics with Custom Sound Treatment Foam

There are no universal answers in the world of acoustic sound treatment. The interpretation of sound resides within the individual hearing it, so even when a product meets technical performance specifications, it may not be meeting the needs or preferences of the individual. Music genres, instruments, and vocals also play a role in the treatment […]

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Better Sound Quality at a Great Value: Foam Factory’s Economy Eggcrate Sound Deadening Foam

Society has conditioned us to accept noise as the norm, whether we’re at work, in the car or at home. In reality, these distractions should be exceptions to the rule. With The Foam Factory’s economy-sized 72 inch by 80 inch sheets of charcoal eggcrate acoustical foam, any space can experience noise reduction and better sound […]

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Understanding the ASTM E84 Fire Retardancy Standard For Foam Sound Treatment Products

No matter how useful or beneficial a product is, if it lacks safety, it shouldn’t be used. Some products can be inherently unsafe, no matter how they are utilized. Fortunately, these rarely make it to stores. Others are completely safe, provided they are used in the right way. Millions of products have many beneficial uses […]

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