Acoustic Foam 101

acoustic-foam-101The average room in an ordinary home has terrible acoustic properties. Due to the different materials used in the floor, walls, and ceiling, as well as the presence of windows and furniture, sound waves are bounced, reflected, and absorbed in varying and unpredictable ways. This leads to a tremendous amount of distortion in untreated rooms, which is why acoustic foam is so important. Here are the basics on how to use acoustic foam for your soundproofing and sound enhancing needs.

  • Determine the purpose of the room: The purpose of the room largely dictates the type of acoustic foam you should use. Common reasons for soundproofing at home include setting up a home recording studio, designating a room for practicing a musical instrument, or making an entertainment room better suited for movie and music playback.
  • Identify potential trouble spots: Doors and windows pose soundproofing challenges, as do thin walls and uncarpeted floors. Note these areas in your room so you can seek specific solutions, such as neoprene foam sheets, acoustic egg crate foam, and other sound barriers, to the problems.
  • Decide on the type of acoustic foam to buy: Acoustic eggcrate foam from Foam By Mail is a versatile product that offers excellent sound-deadening properties at budget friendly prices. Eggcrate foam can also be used with additional soundproofing tools, including acoustical cloth, for increased effectiveness. If you’re interested in premium soundproofing foam, try our 3” or 4” pyramid foam sheets.
  • Consider adding foam soundproofing accessories for maximum results: Monitor isolation wedges for monitors and speakers, drop ceiling tiles, corner blocks, and bass and broadband absorbers can all improve sound clarity within the room while simultaneously preventing unwanted sound leakage.

When you wish to tame and manage the sound properties in your home, acoustic foam is your best friend. Check out all the different types of acoustic eggcrate foam, acoustic pyramid foam, acoustic wave foam, foam blocks, and isolation wedges sold at Foam By Mail and order the products you need to treat your target space.

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