Closed-Cell Foam

Pick The Right Glue For The Job: How to Select Adhesives For Bonding Foam

Whether you’re rebuilding the engine on a car or helping your child with his or her science project, things always go smoother when you use the right tools for the job. This is equally true in the world of foam, whether you’re a homeowner working on a DIY project or a business making custom seat […]

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From Planes, to Trains, to Automobiles: The Many Hobby Uses for Foam

Foam, in all of its varieties, is a material we typically use to get a job done. Whether insulating a home, stuffing a couch cushion, or managing sound with acoustical treatment, foam puts in long hours on the job, helping us perform better in ours. But while foam will always be a valuable commodity for […]

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Waterjet Cutting Offers Fast and Affordable Foam Fabrication

As consumers and businesses demand more control and detail in the products they buy, and with industry always requiring more precision and efficiency, the machines used to create the things we need become more complex by the day. But more often than we realize, it’s the simplest things that can do the most for us, […]

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How To Make DIY Tool Inserts From Foam to Organize Your Collection

At the top of the list of the most aggravating household mysteries, along with missing socks and disappearing TV remotes, is how it seems whenever we need a particular tool, it’s always the only one missing from the drawer. Whether your ratchet is MIA, or the wrench you want is in hiding, it’s incredibly frustrating […]

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Strike a Bull’s-Eye With Foam Archery Practice Targets

A sport that requires skill, patience, and technical precision, archery is something that may appear easy to an observer, but actually takes an immense amount of practice, focus, and hard work to perfect. Proper form, strength, stamina, and self-awareness are all necessary for consistent success in archery. And the only way to get to this […]

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Interlocking Floor Tiles Offer Versatile Comfort and Safety Padding

Sometimes, there are things in life we don’t think about until we’re forced to deal with them. The size of your car’s cargo area when you have to move. The importance of sunscreen after 12 innings at the ballpark. The ink level in your printer after putting off a mid-term essay. Daily life makes us […]

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Bring Your Idea to Life With Custom-Cut Polystyrene Foam

As people search for smart, creative ways to solve problems in their professional and personal lives, materials that were once thought to only be useful in one way are now being applied to a much wider range of tasks that they were never originally considered for. Versatility, usability and availability are some of the biggest […]

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Understanding Commercial Item Descriptions A-A-59135 and A-A-59136

The world of foam polymers can become confusing, with the hundreds of minor differences in structure, compounds and molecular makeup creating completely unique and individual products. The large number of ways these materials can be manipulated is what makes them so versatile, with highly-specialized products for a particular job being created, with only a minor […]

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Keep Your Kids Safe and Sound on the Playground

Maintaining the health and happiness of a child is one of the most important jobs for a parent and instilling the habit of exercise in a child early on in life is something that can benefit them throughout the course of their life.  Just as important as exercising the body is exercising the mind, as […]

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Use Foam Home Improvement Products to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Bills

Climbing energy costs, a difficult economy and one of the most volatile housing markets in decades have all played a role in making homeowners realize the importance of improving and maintaining their homes. This has led many to take a money-saving, do-it-yourself approach to maintaining the value of their homes or enticing buyers who have […]

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