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Tips for Designing Your Home Gym

Having your own exercise space at home is a fantastic way to ensure you stay on track with your health and fitness goals. It saves time, eliminates excuses, and is much cheaper than paying monthly or yearly membership fees to the local Crossfit box or national health club chain. But designing a safe and effective […]

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Cut Foam Easily with These DIY Closed-Cell Foam Cutting Tips

At The Foam Factory, we provide a broad range of foam cutting services, from computer-controlled cuts made with a powerful stream of water, to hand-crafted cuts made by our team with decades of experience. However, not every project requires the precision of machinery or years of honed skill. For simpler jobs, DIY cutting is not […]

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Taking a Closer Look at Foam: Part 2 – Closed-Cell Foam

For the second part in our review of the cellular structure of our foam products, we take a look at the more rugged and durable closed-cell foams! For the previous post in our two-part series, click here: Taking a Closer Look at Foam: Part 1 – Open-Cell Foam — Closed-Cell While there is relatively little cellular […]

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Climb Higher With Confidence Using Bouldering Crash Pads

As people focus more on their health with fun, exciting ways to stay active, rock climbing has become a particularly popular recreational activity over the last few decades. As the number of people participating in this hobby increases, it makes sense that the potential for injuries is greater than ever before, based solely on numbers. […]

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Get More From Your Floor With Foam Factory Floor Padding and Underlayments

People with active lifestyles know the importance of preparing before physical activity. Stretching, hydration and proper attire or equipment all play a factor in smartly and safely engaging in any athletic endeavor. And while most people take proper precautions to ready their bodies, the environment in which they are engaging in activity is often overlooked. […]

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