Taking a Closer Look at Foam: Part 2 – Closed-Cell Foam

For the second part in our review of the cellular structure of our foam products, we take a look at the more rugged and durable closed-cell foams! For the previous post in our two-part series, click here: Taking a Closer Look at Foam: Part 1 – Open-Cell Foam — Closed-Cell While there is relatively little cellular […]

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From Planes, to Trains, to Automobiles: The Many Hobby Uses for Foam

Foam, in all of its varieties, is a material we typically use to get a job done. Whether insulating a home, stuffing a couch cushion, or managing sound with acoustical treatment, foam puts in long hours on the job, helping us perform better in ours. But while foam will always be a valuable commodity for […]

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Bring Your Idea to Life With Custom-Cut Polystyrene Foam

As people search for smart, creative ways to solve problems in their professional and personal lives, materials that were once thought to only be useful in one way are now being applied to a much wider range of tasks that they were never originally considered for. Versatility, usability and availability are some of the biggest […]

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Keep Your Heat Up and Your Costs Down With Foam Thermal Insulation Products

With winter’s chill looming large for many people this time of the year, every snowflake is bittersweet, being seen as things of beauty as well as another cent owed on the next heating bill. The more effort your heating and cooling systems put forth to reach and maintain temperatures, the greater the cost of powering […]

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Insulate and Protect Your Hot Tub With a Custom Polystyrene Cover

While enjoying outdoor swimming pools and beaches can only happen during the summer months, there is one way people relax and unwind in the water year-round, and that is in their hot tubs and spas. With uses ranging from physical therapy and medical purposes, to entertaining and relaxation, people enjoy their hot tubs under summer […]

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