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Benefits of Using a Mattress Cover

If the only thing separating you from your foam, memory foam, or latex mattress is a flimsy fitted sheet, then you might inadvertently be shortening the useful life of your bedding. Although foam and latex are highly durable and designed to last for many years, they can only achieve that lengthy lifespan with proper care—which […]

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New Product Announcement: Foam Sponges

For more than 30 years, Foam Factory has been a leading supplier of foam cushions, mattresses, sacks, and pillows for residential use, as well as acoustical and packaging foam for commercial use. Now we are excited to add the following foam sponges to our expanding product line: Utility Sponge Constructed from exceptionally durable foam, this […]

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Foam For Kids: Safe and Fun!

Creating a safe and fun play area for kids is something every parent should strive to do. That’s because study after study has shown that regular playtime is vital for a child’s social, psychological, and behavioral development, and also helps stimulate creativity and promote physical dexterity. And let’s face it: play time gives parents a […]

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How to Make a DIY Foam Pit

Gymnasts, acrobats, and extreme athletes have long relied on foam pits to give them a safe area in which to develop new moves and work on perfecting their technique while minimizing the risk of severe injury. Usually these pits can only be found at sports training facilities, skateparks, and in the backyards of X-Games stars […]

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Explaining the Unique Impact of Density in Memory Foam Products

When evaluating and comparing different types of foam, one of the two most important ways to measure these materials is density (firmness being the other). In regard to conventional foam, understanding this density trait can help you pick out a foam type or product that best meets your requirements, whether you need something for bedding, […]

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Stop Drafts Dead with Foam Factory’s New Draft Stoppers

After a warm, sunny, and fun summer, leaves have changed and are falling, temperatures have dropped, and autumn is roaring along, with the specter of winter on the horizon. For many, autumn means hay rides and orchards, carving pumpkins, and enjoying seasonal goodies like cider and donuts. As with every season, autumn is full of […]

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On the Road? You Can Still Get Your Rest with Foam Travel Pillows!

With constant advancements in technology, and the efficiency and global reach of transportation, we’ve become a world on the move. And whether as an ironic prop in a slapstick movie, or in use by a road-weary business person who swears by them, U-shaped travel pillows have cemented themselves as an iconic symbol in travel culture. […]

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3 Products That Help Reduce Back Pain and Discomfort

Back pain is a legitimate issue for millions of people, whether the cause is injuries, their job, or medical reasons. When you take into consideration the desk jobs so many have, the discomfort is frequently exacerbated or even caused by chairs and posture while people work away. While a boost in physical activity is frequently […]

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Foam Camping Pads’ Two Biggest Benefits

When it comes to camping, the most difficult part of a trip isn’t the hike in, hauling gear, or rubbing sticks together trying to start a fire. It’s the thing we most need, but take for granted: a good night’s sleep. When people prep for their first camping trip, they often make the mistake of […]

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Get a Lower-Body Lift from Leg Cushions!

As long as humans have wanted to be comfortable (a fairly long time), people have enjoyed pillows. However, the idea that pillows just belong under our heads becomes less and less valid as we learn more about the physiological needs of our bodies. Today, pillows have uses from your head to your feet. Some exist […]

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