New Product Announcement: Foam Sponges

For more than 30 years, Foam Factory has been a leading supplier of foam cushions, mattresses, sacks, and pillows for residential use, as well as acoustical and packaging foam for commercial use. Now we are excited to add the following foam sponges to our expanding product line:

Utility Sponge

Constructed from exceptionally durable foam, this contractor grade sponge is perfect for cleaning up the kinds of everyday messes likely to be made inside the home or out on a job site. When you buy a utility sponge from us, you’ll get a product that is:

  • foam factory spongesHighly absorbent
  • Effective at wiping up a variety of materials, including dirt, grease, and paste
  • Able to clean either smooth or rough surfaces without wearing down too quickly

All Purpose Sponge

If you need a sponge that is tough enough to handle removing excess grout in a bathroom remodel, yet gentle enough to use on your car, truck, or boat without marring the paint job, then check out our All Purpose Sponges. These sponges:

  • Are made with a unique hydro-philiated design for extra absorbency
  • Are available in six different foam types, including Poly, Super Soft, HD36 (regular and high-quality), and Lux (regular and high-quality)
  • Come in a standard size of 7” x 5” x 2”

Scouring Sponge

Many ordinary sponges begin to fall apart as soon as the serious scrubbing starts — but not our Scouring Sponge. This product is made from medium sized foam that is ideal for:

  • Heavy-duty tasks such as tiling and grouting
  • Household use in tough areas like the kitchen and bathroom
  • General cleanup that requires scrubbing or scouring of caked-on grime

All of our new sponges can be purchased as a single unit or in money saving bulk packs, so visit today to place your order.

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