On the Road? You Can Still Get Your Rest with Foam Travel Pillows!

With constant advancements in technology, and the efficiency and global reach of transportation, we’ve become a world on the move. And whether as an ironic prop in a slapstick movie, or in use by a road-weary business person who swears by them, U-shaped travel pillows have cemented themselves as an iconic symbol in travel culture. […]

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Maximize Your Money with The Foam Factory’s New Medical Foam Comfort Products!

Many of The Foam Factory’s comfort and support products, such as sleeping pillows and body bolsters, are only offered in 5LB memory foam. However, some prefer the more traditional feel of conventional foam over the unique feel of memory foam. Presenting Medical Foam, a 36ILD and 1.5LB density conventional foam tailor-made for comfort and support […]

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Custom Comfort and Relaxation With Home Decor Filling

Our homes are the single place we know we can always go to get away from the anxiety and hassle of our daily lives. They are where we have full control, so we surround ourselves with comfortable furniture, pillows and other decorations, in designs and styles that match our personalities and put us at ease. […]

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