3 Products That Help Reduce Back Pain and Discomfort

Back pain is a legitimate issue for millions of people, whether the cause is injuries, their job, or medical reasons. When you take into consideration the desk jobs so many have, the discomfort is frequently exacerbated or even caused by chairs and posture while people work away.

While a boost in physical activity is frequently the best remedy for some of these problems (and many, many more), it doesn’t erase the fact that for most of our day, we’re at those desks, with things to do. For situations where workstations don’t offer the best ergonomics, or if you have discomfort caused by past issues, back bolsters can be a big source of relief.

Our backs form an S naturally, projecting at the shoulders and tapering at the small of the back. Poor posture and seating can emphasize misalignment, which strains muscles and stresses the spine. As many people who endure back discomfort are aware, these issues can have a trickle-down effect where areas all over your body begin to ache.

Poly foam (white) and 5LB ViscoMAX (peach) memory foam oval bolsters

One of the more common suggestions for improving posture is to be perpetually aware of how you’re sitting, and hold that posture until it works itself into your muscle memory. The problem is that for those with poor posture, they revert back to a slouch as soon as something important grabs their attention. A person can’t be expected to focus on their posture for eight hours a day, while also devoting their attention to daily tasks.

With cushioning foam back bolsters, you get a boost from a pillow that gently guides you into the correct posture. This lets you devote your focus and attention to your work, while your body subconsciously gets used to proper posture.

Back pillows span a wide range of products, from short oval bolsters, to longer wedge cushions, to orthopedic pads you sit on for alignment. The Foam Factory manufactures all of these back bolster styles and more, providing options for almost anybody looking for extra back support and relief.

The simplest cushions are The Foam Factory’s oval bolsters: tubular forms that go between your chair and the small of the back to help maintain spine curvature. Available in both 5LB ViscoMAX memory foam and poly foam, the memory foam bolster offers a gentler, contoured support, while the poly foam provides a firmer presence. These pillows are light and can be brought to and from work with you, or stashed in a drawer at the end of your workday. They are made in three different sizes, and by being ovals, they are less likely to roll out of place like a true cylinder cushion is prone to do.

Wedges are another multi-use product that can be used for back comfort. Made in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, the fat end of a wedge goes under the small of the back, while it tapers upward with the thin edge, for full back cushioning.  These are offered in multiple foam types as well, from Dunlop latex, to poly foam. These can also be used for seating cushions to help improve alignment. Softer foam makes a seat more comfortable, while the incline at the back of the seat helps users sit up straighter. Additionally, wedges can be a big help in combating the symptoms of acid reflux at night.

The Foam Factory even offers supremely-resilient Lux High Quality orthopedic seat cushions that offer the posture-straightening boost of a wedge with a firm, supportive foam. Additionally, these cushions feature a tailbone cutout along the rear edge, ensuring you won’t feel a new discomfort due to your change in posture.

Of course, you should see a medical professional if you’re experiencing any kind of pain, before trying to solve the issue on your own. But if your ailment is a result of something as easily corrected as posture and ergonomics, foam bolsters, wedge seat cushions, or orthopedic wedges can make a huge difference, and The Foam Factory is happy to provide that relief.

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