Mattress Cover

Benefits of Using a Mattress Cover

If the only thing separating you from your foam, memory foam, or latex mattress is a flimsy fitted sheet, then you might inadvertently be shortening the useful life of your bedding. Although foam and latex are highly durable and designed to last for many years, they can only achieve that lengthy lifespan with proper care—which […]

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The Foam Factory Now Offering New Poly-Cotton Knit Mattress Cover

When we buy something expensive, it’s hard to rationalize not spending just a little bit more to ensure the safety of the purchase. After all, at a certain point, a little extra money going out the door to ensure longevity and functionality is a no-brainer. Smartphones are a perfect example. There aren’t many people dropping […]

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Extend the Life of Your Mattress: Part II – Keep Your Mattress Covered

The second entry in our five-part series aimed at extending the life of your mattress deals with the benefit of covers – not for keeping you warm, but for keeping your mattress in tip-top shape! For the first post in this series, click here: Extend the Life of Your Mattress: Part I – Keep Your […]

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