The Logic Behind Layered Memory Foam Mattresses

If, by 2015, you’re still just hearing your first whispers about a material called memory foam, you might want to re-evaluate the comfort of the rock you’ve been sleeping under. The uniquely temperature-sensitive product has become synonymous with pressure-relief and comfort in the world of bedding over the last 10 years. Because of this, the […]

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Help Your Pets Hit the Road in Comfort and Style!

While finding a pet owner who didn’t love his or her companion to the moon and back would, undoubtedly, be difficult, it would be just as hard to track one down who, in a candid moment, wouldn’t admit that having a pet can make some things in life more difficult than they would be otherwise. […]

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Keep Pets Warm and Wagging This Winter With Foam Pet Beds!

As another winter freeze grips most of the nation, the layers of clothing worn add up until they get near double digits. At night, beds are piled high with blankets until their collective weight makes it hard to roll over. Heating bills shoot up, like a thermometer in the August sun we miss so desperately. […]

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Explaining the Unique Impact of Density in Memory Foam Products

When evaluating and comparing different types of foam, one of the two most important ways to measure these materials is density (firmness being the other). In regard to conventional foam, understanding this density trait can help you pick out a foam type or product that best meets your requirements, whether you need something for bedding, […]

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Reviewing the Temperature-Sensitive Characteristics of Memory Foam

Memory foam is known as a custom-contouring material, and that ability stems directly from its temperature sensitivity. Formulated with visco-elastic polymers, this ingredient reacts to body heat by softening and giving way, allowing the foam to create a user-specific surface, in any position. This characteristic is present in all memory foam products, be they mattresses, […]

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Stop Drafts Dead with Foam Factory’s New Draft Stoppers

After a warm, sunny, and fun summer, leaves have changed and are falling, temperatures have dropped, and autumn is roaring along, with the specter of winter on the horizon. For many, autumn means hay rides and orchards, carving pumpkins, and enjoying seasonal goodies like cider and donuts. As with every season, autumn is full of […]

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On the Road? You Can Still Get Your Rest with Foam Travel Pillows!

With constant advancements in technology, and the efficiency and global reach of transportation, we’ve become a world on the move. And whether as an ironic prop in a slapstick movie, or in use by a road-weary business person who swears by them, U-shaped travel pillows have cemented themselves as an iconic symbol in travel culture. […]

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Need a Twin Long or Full Long Mattress? They’re Now Standard Sizes at Foam Factory!

When a company becomes aware of an opportunity among their customer base, the easiest thing in the world to do is address it. And why wouldn’t you, if it will bring in happy, paying customers? The difficult thing isn’t satisfying that need among customers, but doing it in a way that gives customers what they […]

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Maximize Your Money with The Foam Factory’s New Medical Foam Comfort Products!

These days, it sometimes feels like businesses keep somebody on their payroll just to constantly crunch numbers and deduce the bare minimum that can be offered at the highest price. In that kind of atmosphere, what it takes to stand out in the crowd is easily, yet rarely done: offering customers more for their money. […]

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Think You’ve Got a Great Idea For Foam? Let Some of Our Favorite Projects Help Inspire You!

We’ve all had flashes of brilliance while trying to find the answer to a difficult problem. Tossing out awful idea after awful idea, until you surprise even yourself with one that takes care of every issue at hand. It’s hard not to be proud when these moments happen, but it can be harder to tell […]

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