Stay Protected with an MMA Foam Sprung Floor!

If you enjoy participating in jiu-jitsu, judo, wrestling, or any other form of MMA, then you are likely very familiar with the pain that can come with a fall or a takedown. One thing that can help ease the pain is a special floor called a sprung floor!

What is a Sprung Floor?

In combat sports, and other high impact activities, there is usually arduous training involved. With this type of activity, there is a natural tendency for an occasional hard landing. The best way to prevent injury is by creating a floor that can absorb the shock, which is where the sprung floor enters the equation. With a hard base floor, or even with a padded floor, injuries can still be sustained. A sprung floor, on the other hand, is designed with a number of layers to make the perfect combination for shock absorption. Not only that, but the sprung floor still maintains firmness and can add grip for balance during combat exercises!

How is a Sprung Floor Made?

The first step to creating a sprung floor is to place a number of evenly spaced foam blocks, typically 3” x 3” x 4”, on the room’s base floor. The best foam for these foam blocks is either 2.2lb Polyethylene or 2lb Crosslinked Polyethylene. These foams are soft enough to give the floor a springy feel, but still firm enough to offer the sturdy floor needed for MMA. On top of the spaced out foam blocks, you would put the next layer, which are plywood planks. Lastly, on top of that, you would put a light pad and a cover to keep things in place.

Where to Begin!

The first thing that must be done before you can build your sprung floor is to get the materials required. You will need a cover, plywood, and FOAM! You can purchase any foam or adhesives needed from The Foam Factory!

Once you have the required materials, you should be able to find instructional blogs or YouTube videos online that will help you prepare your sprung floor!

No matter where the floor is going to be located, building a sprung floor is of the utmost importance to help protect you and others from injury! Building one can be done at a fairly decent cost, especially with materials from The Foam Factory!

If you have further questions on this project or any other foam projects that may be in your wheelhouse, we at The Foam Factory are happy to help! Contact Us today!

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