Need Wholesale Upholstery Supplies? Try Foam Factory!

These days, The Foam Factory is a renowned supplier of open-cell and closed-cell foam products and materials. But when they first opened more than 30 years ago, The Foam Factory’s focus was on upholstery, from chairs and stools, to couches and cornice boards. Those roots are still part of The Foam Factory’s business, and with the wholesale upholstery supplies they offer, they’ve made it the business of small companies and DIY aficionados as well.

Lux foam wapped in Dacron fiberfill

Lux foam wapped in Dacron fiberfill

Featuring a product line that contains multiple cushion foam types, access to thousands of fabric patterns, and fiberfill cushion wrap (Dacron), The Foam Factory is a great resource for small businesses in need of an affordable, wholesale source for materials, as well as individuals in search of quality upholstery products.

The most important characteristics of any piece of furniture are comfort and durability. Using poor-quality materials in an upholstery project can leave a seat looking great but feeling terrible, defeating the purpose of reupholstering. Selecting the proper upholstery foam for a project will give it looks, comfort, and longevity you will appreciate.

For many seat cushions, the HD36 and Lux family of foam is the right set of products for the job. Both are made in a regular formulation, as well as a high quality version that features additional density for increased longevity. HD36 is a medium-feel foam for individuals who enjoy a balance of comfort and support in their seating, and Lux offers extra firmness for individuals who appreciate more support in their cushions. While they offer different firmness levels, neither is too soft nor too firm, and their use will make an immediate and positive difference in any upholstery project. All four foam types – HD36 Regular, Lux Regular, HD36 High Quality, and Lux High Quality – are available in standard thicknesses up to 8”, so you’ll have no problem completing even the most demanding projects.

The Foam Factory also stocks other foam types that are useful in upholstery besides the aforementioned Lux and HD36 varieties. For seatback and arm padding, Super Soft and Poly Foam are great materials to provide the correct balance of economy and function for parts that don’t have the same physical demands as a seating surface.

Open-cell poly padding foam

Open-cell poly padding foam

The seatback and armrest areas of chairs and couches mainly exist as comfort additions, since arm-less and back-less seating options are perfectly functional, proven by the wide-spread use of stools. This means they don’t have to bear the same amount of stress as a seating surface that holds a user’s entire weight. For these less-demanding upholstery areas, Super Soft and Poly Foam cushion and soften very well. True to its name, Super Soft foam is the most cushioning foam type The Foam Factory offers, with a low ILD of 12, a measure of firmness. With lower density than Lux and HD36 foam varieties, these two types cost less as well.

To make upholstery projects even more comfortable, polyester fiberfill is yet another supply The Foam Factory offers. Fiberfill is great for creating a fluffy, luxurious look under any upholstery project. Very compressible, poly fiberfill keeps seats looking full, but doesn’t take away from support. Instead, it offers yet another cushioning layer, great for plush couches and full-looking dining room chair pads. The Foam Factory sells their fiberfill in 30”, 60”, and 88” sheet widths by the lineal foot or in 60’ and 120’ roll lengths. Spray adhesive is also available for more advanced upholstery projects.

All of the supplies mentioned in this post are available for purchase in small qualities or in bulk, no matter if you’re a residential customer with a one-time project, or a business after a dependable material supplier. On large-volume orders, The Foam Factory offers price breaks as well, which also apply to both residential and commercial customers. If it’s fabric you need, stopping by The Foam Factory’s brick-and-mortar Macomb, Michigan location gives you the chance to browse tens of thousands of options, such as suede, velvet, vinyl, and more.

If you’re trying to rebuild an old piece of furniture into something brand-new, The Foam Factory should be your first and last stop for upholstery materials.

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