Build a DIY Beanbag with Foam Factory’s Custom Beanbag Chair Materials!

At The Foam Factory, we offer plenty of products that can help you over-achieve on a DIY project without going over budget. From couch cushions to pipe insulation, do-it-yourself foam products can make your life easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Lately, The Foam Factory has seen an increase in one particular project people are deciding to DIY, and felt it would be helpful to pass the idea to our customers.

Filling a beanbag liner with shredded foam

Filling a beanbag liner with shredded foam

Homemade beanbag chairs and foam sacks have been growing in popularity recently, as people begin to tread farther off DIY ‘s beaten path. Whether they’re for a children’s bedroom, a school’s playroom, or a family’s theater or game room, beanbags built to suit your preferences and style can give you comfort and satisfaction in ways few other pieces of furniture are able to. And for people who want those benefits without the hassle and markups of big-box stores, DIY foam sacks offer a terrific solution.

The size of beanbags is what stifles many attempts to build or repair them, because sourcing materials in the quantities needed can quickly turn a simple project into a costly one. Just finding enough foam stuffing to fill a 6’, 5’, or even a 4’ diameter beanbag can be a headache, without even touching on how cost-ineffective purchasing small bundles of material becomes. The key is finding a retailer who offers affordable bulk orders while maintaining a retail side to their business, so individuals can place large, one-time orders. Fortunately, this is The Foam Factory’s specialty.

With nearly 100,000 square feet of warehouse space and bulk orders leaving their doors daily, The Foam Factory maintains a level of business that allows them to accommodate individual customers’ requests while keeping prices affordable. The Foam Factory offers four different shredded foam types in bulk sizes that are perfect for a DIY beanbag, or re-filling or firming up existing beanbags.

Conventional shredded foam and charcoal foam are sold in 36” x 36” x 48” sacks, weighing approximately 30LB apiece, while 4LB density shredded memory foam is sold in 18” x 18” x 72” sacks which weigh about 15LB. The conventional shredded foam is also sold in the 18” x 18” x 72” size, weighing approximately 8LB. In addition to these plush open-cell foams, The Foam Factory also offers shredded polystyrene foam, the filling classically associated with beanbags, in a 12” x 12” x 65” sack, weighing around 6LB. These foam types all offer their own set of benefits: the temperature-sensitive contouring of the memory foam, the plush cushioning of the conventional and charcoal foam, and the firm resilience of polystyrene. No matter your comfort preferences, one of these foam types will give you the perfect DIY foam sack chair.

For most people building their own beanbag chairs, acquiring the stuffing material is the hardest part of the equation. However, some individuals may not have the confidence in their sewing skills to create something durable enough to hold up long-term as a free-form seat. Others may have a perfectly comfy beanbag, but over time the cover has been stained, damaged, or torn. For those looking for the perfect cover to their DIY beanbag, The Foam Factory offers completely customizable foam sack covers, with vibrant colors and terrific quality.

Foam Factory's passion-suede cover options

The Foam Factory’s passion-suede cover options

Proudly hand-sewn in The Foam Factory’s shop one at a time, each of their beanbag covers is made to last for years and look great doing it. Made of luxurious and soft passion suede, beanbag covers are available in 12 colors and 6 standard sizes: 3’ and 4’ round shapes and 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ rectangular shapes. Each cover features a heavy-duty zipper covered by protective flaps to keep the user comfy and the beanbag chair attractive.

In addition to their standard offerings, The Foam Factory will custom-make covers in many non-standard shapes or sizes for a special order. And for people who aren’t crazy about passion suede as a fabric, The Foam Factory also has 100 percent cotton twill fabric in eight rich colors that can also be made into a custom cover. For people who have the foam filling and the outside cover taken care, The Foam Factory even offers a pre-made inner-liner of black twill in the six standard sizes. These allow you to remove your outer cover for periodic cleaning or laundering without having to deal with the hassle and mess of loose foam filling everywhere.

Ultimately, The Foam Factory can accommodate your beanbag needs no matter where they fall. Whether you just need stuffing, you’re looking to build a completely customized beanbag chair, or you only require one component to repair a damaged beanbag chair or finish your own DIY foam sack, you don’t need to look farther than The Foam Factory.

In addition to their beanbag chair components, The Foam Factory also sells complete, ready-to-use foam sacks, ready to be shipped right to your door. You can see them Here.

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