Using and Understanding Military Performance Specification MIL-PRF-26514

For industries that manufacture on a large scale, the consistency, dependability and quality of source materials are the most important factors at hand when thousands or even millions of products may be impacted by a single batch of raw material. This is important not just for the first order, but as order volume increases over […]

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Shipping and Storing Electronics Safely is Simple With Anti-Static Foam

Using appropriate packaging materials for shipping or storage is a no-brainer for anyone concerned with the security of products being transported or stored. In addition to the disappointment of opening a package to find damaged goods, poorly packed items result in extra costs to both buyers and sellers. Foam is one packaging material that can […]

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Ether and Ester-Based Polyurethane Foam: Characteristics, Differences and Uses

If an individual is told a product is made of foam, one of two mental images will likely arise; either the white polystyrene seen in drinking cups and coolers, or the squishy, soft material that makes up mattress toppers and polyurethane sheet packaging. While these are obviously both correct assumptions, foam is a surprisingly intricate […]

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