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Fun DIY Halloween Decor and Crafts

  Halloween decorations and crafts play a huge role in making your home, yard, or event more enjoyable for visitors. Trick-or-treaters approach a decorated home with much greater anticipation and excitement than an undecorated one, and partygoers are much more likely to get into the right spirit when surrounded by themed crafts and decor. Although […]

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Express Your Creativity With The Foam Factory Arts and Crafts Foam

While incredibly varied, the uses for foam are often thought of functionally, in terms of a utility material that performs its job well. Be it insulating a hot tub, providing a comfortable sleeping surface or deadening sound reverberation in a room, foam is a performance material that measures up for many jobs. Unlike the people […]

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Have Some Safe, Foamy Fun With Custom Foam Toys

Just like people, foam has many roles to perform. During the week, it can be found working hard as insulation, floor padding, packaging or sound treatment. But once the workday is done or the weekend comes, foam has a much lighter side and can be used to make a plethora of toys for any age. […]

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