Comfy as a Cloud: The Foam Factory’s Foam Sack Contemporary Furniture Line

In a world where we’re connected 24-7, fitting everything we want and need to do in a day has become incredibly difficult. With the precious free time we do manage to set aside, even social commitments can be stressful, as we struggle to accommodate friends and family.  At least with The Foam Factory’s introduction of their new Foam Sack contemporary furniture line, it has never been easier or more fun to decompress in those precious few moments we have to ourselves.

Filled with resilient, high-grade shredded foam, these durable Foam Sacks are a way to creatively add customized comfort to your life. Made in multiple sizes, from round sacks 3 feet in diameter to rectangular sacks 8 feet long, Foam Sacks are versatile enough to work in a small studio apartment or a large family home. The shredded foam filling provides pressure-free firmness that supports the body, allowing you to maintain your most comfortable position without sliding around or adjusting every few minutes. These sacks let you sit upright, recline, lie down or strike any other pose you may like while relaxing on a bed of clouds.

The Foam Factory’s Foam Sacks are constructed using only brand-new, top-quality materials. Filled with a blend of conventional foams cut directly from the bulk form, this foam is the same quality material used in mattresses, pillows and support products.  Every Foam Sack is handmade in the USA at The Foam Factory’s Michigan facility with materials they manufacture and is a reflection of the quality and standards they proudly stand behind.

With the 100 percent micro-fiber suede cover available in 12 vibrant colors, selecting a Foam Sack to match your interior decorating is easily done. Or, with a new Foam Sack as the centerpiece, you could completely restyle an area of your home. Available in six different sizes, Foam Sacks can blend in with any space, be it a large area that needs large furnishings or a room that’s begging for one final addition to tie it all together. One person can enjoy a Foam Sack as a living room chair or four adults or six children can all climb on the largest sack together, rendering the couch obsolete.

As their free-form design would indicate, Foam Sacks can fit seamlessly into any lifestyle. For those short on space, like students in dorm rooms or people in efficiency apartments, Foam Sacks are easy to move for extra room and can be fit into tight spots. Also practical for individuals who relocate frequently for their career or are just starting out, Foam Sacks are easily compacted, saving precious space when moving. Their soft, cushiony structure also eliminates the threat of damage in transit, a constant worry with rigid furniture. The comfort, sizes and cover options for Foam Sacks make them a great choice for a teen bedroom, living room furniture, loft or apartment furniture or home theater furniture, with their comfortable, cozy seating for the entire family.

Businesses have utilized Foam Sacks as progressive furniture in brainstorming rooms, libraries and schools have chosen them for reading and study areas and they also excel in therapy capacities because of their free-form construction. Foam Sack zippers are durable and safely enclosed in welting and the lack of hard edges and sharp corners make them an exciting new inclusion for kids in playrooms. The only issue there is that they may end up preferring the sacks to their own beds! Foam Sacks can also be used as ottomans and footrests for unique furnishings where seating is already taken care of.

Competitively priced with options for any budget, Foam Sacks are an outstanding value because of the manufacturing and material quality that goes into each product. For peace of mind, each Foam Sack includes a 3-Year Warranty in the unlikely event the fabric, seams, zippers or foam fail. Given their resiliency, these products are the smart alternative to traditional bean bag chairs. Full of polystyrene pellets that are easily compressed, bean bag chairs lose their fullness permanently if pellets are fully compacted because they will not rebound. When that happens, they are either replaced or filled with more pellets, which can be a messy process and is certainly an additional expense. Foam Sack filling compresses and regains its shape easily. If used in an identical position for an extended period of time, fluffing them like a pillow will get the foam to respond back to its original fullness. If the day comes you want to replace  the filling with another material like shredded memory foam or simply want to add more stuffing, Foam Sacks have zippers that open into the interior for custom comfort.

So when you’re done with work, done with appointments, done with errands and done with projects around the house, whether with family, friends or by yourself, there’s no better to way unwind and forget about the day than by climbing into a Foam Sack from The Foam Factory.

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