Get That Brand-New Feel, Even On Old Furniture, With The Foam Factory’s Custom Couch Cushions

In many homes, sofas are the center of activity and relaxation. They are where we go to watch TV or movies, read, entertain, or just relax and unwind. Given the amount of time we spend relaxing on them and the importance of unwinding after a long day of work, the comfort of that sofa or couch is very important. Unfortunately, even the best cushion can lose support and comfort over time. With the cost of purchasing new furniture and the headache of finding a new couch that matches your style, getting it in your home and removing the old one, many people just endure uncomfortable sofas and cushions rather than be bothered with replacement. But with The Foam Factory’s replacement sofa cushions, you can get the comfort of a new couch without having to go through the hassle of buying a new one.

Firm Open-Cell Lux Foam

Firm Open-Cell Lux Foam

With a product line that features the softest foam for luxurious comfort, firm foam for complete support and everything in between, The Foam Factory has the materials and ability to create custom cushion foam to your precise needs and desires. This approach to complete customization means they will use literally any foam material in their inventory to create the perfect cushion for you. Even foam types not typically used as replacement foam for couch cushions can be used if specially requested. Need the firmness and durability of high-grade automobile foam? Softness like pillows? Want the structural consistency of closed-cell foam? Or, do you have your own raw materials you want skillfully cut? If you want it, The Foam Factory will make it. In addition to their willingness to use less-typical materials, they also offer traditional soft, medium and firm foam for couch cushions in both regular and high quality for making your sofa feel like new again.

The customization doesn’t stop at choosing a foam type for your cushion. The Foam Factory will layer multiple foam types into a single custom cushion to create a hybrid product that blends the qualities of the foam into a single, unique feel. If you want the support of ultra-firm foam but the comfort of soft foam, The Foam Factory can blend two types of foam together to create a product that matches your desires perfectly. Furthering the customization, polyester fiberfill wrap is an option that can be added to any cushion for a fluffy, over-stuffed look while providing an additional comfort layer that doesn’t diminish the support of the foam it is wrapped around.

With more than 30 years of foam industry experience, The Foam Factory is well aware that every sofa and cushion is unique in its own size and feel, as well as how its qualities are received by the user. With a fleet of computer operated and hand-controlled machinery, nearly any shape or design can be created from foam to re-stuff couch cushions. These include rounded cushions, an L-cushion or T-cushion, tapering, bay window cushions or even round cushions. Cushions can also be beveled to provide a smoother, less angular appearance.

Custom-Cut and Covered Cushion

Custom-Cut and Covered Cushion

The wear a sofa endures isn’t just absorbed by the foam cushion inserts though. The covers these couch cushions are encased in receive just as much, if not more abuse as their filling, so for situations where the fabric is just as worn as the foam, The Foam Factory also manufactures  custom covers.  Stocked with twill, suede and vinyl in many vibrant colors, their selection will ensure that your new cushion will look great as well as feel great on your couch. The Foam Factory will even create covers if you have leftover fabric from old upholstery projects, something some companies will not do. Custom covers can feature zipper openings, be sewn shut, or left open like a slip cover in addition to the option of welting cord.

A couch’s seat cushions aren’t the only part of a sofa that is used either, and that is why The Foam Factory manufactures custom sofa backs. Traditionally made of softer foam because they only support a fraction of the weight that seating cushions do, a worn out seat back can render even the most comfortable cushion useless. Even with softer foams used more as seat backs, The Foam Factory offers the same customization options for seat back foam and will even manufacture cushions for a convertible sofa.

Whether you’re attempting to give a favorite piece of furniture a new lease on life or customizing a new sofa to fit your home’s aesthetics, The Foam Factory can help make your sofa cushion replacement perfect for you.

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14 Responses to “Get That Brand-New Feel, Even On Old Furniture, With The Foam Factory’s Custom Couch Cushions”

  • Kyle says:

    I am looking for replacement foam for my couch, the back cushions not the seat cushions. I need 7 back cushions, each cushion is 22inches by 22 inches and 6 inches thick. What would you suggest, they seem to be polly filled now and give no support, they are basically like a cheap pillow you would pick up in Target or Walmart. I would like firm yet comfortable as this is for a tv room.

    Thank you.

    • Foam Factory says:

      Hi Kyle,

      This is a great question, and one that we get asked fairly frequently. Cushioning seat backs is a little trickier than seat cushions because they don’t have to bear our full weight. Seat backs play a major role in supporting posture though, which affects comfort. Like most people, it sounds like you want something soft enough that you aren’t forced upright like a desk chair, but firm enough to support your upper body when you lean back to relax.

      We often suggest Super Soft Foam for seat backs. While the name says Super Soft, when used for backing cushions and not seating cushions, the foam has more of a medium feel than it would if you were sitting on it. Another feature we often add to seat backs is a layer of polyester fiberfill for a little extra fluffiness and softness that doesn’t detract from the cushion’s supportive qualities.

      With that said, we’ve forwarded your questions to our Sales Team who should be contacting you soon to help you figure out a solution tailor-made for you and your couch!

      Have a great day!

      -Foam Factory

  • Sandy Wakefield says:

    Can I send my couch pillow covers to you to be refilled?
    I believe there are 2 seat covers & 3 back pillows? How
    long to fill them & approximate cost if I give you dimensions?

    • Foam Factory says:

      Hi Sandy,

      We absolutely can refill your old covers with brand-new cushion foam. All you have to do is send us your empty covers! Typical turnaround time on a custom cushion order is 1-1/2 to 2 weeks for processing and shipping, depending on your location.

      We’ve forwarded your inquiry to our Sales Team who should be getting in touch with you shortly regarding pricing. We custom-quote every order due to the number of foam options we offer, but we’re confident we can help you find the right cushions for you and get that couch back in tip-top shape!

      -Foam Factory

  • Jann Brewer says:

    I have a nice couch but the bottom cushion needs to be restuffed. The padding is lumpy. Can this be replaced?

    • Foam Factory says:

      Hi Jann,

      Replacing that lumpy cushion of yours is no problem for us! We have a full selection of great open-cell cushion foam for every preference, and custom-cutting services to re-create even the most uniquely-shaped cushions. If your foam is actually in good shape but the fiber wrapping is tattered and making things uncomfortable, we also offer Dacron polyester fiberfill and a Do-It-Yourself section on how to re-wrap your cushion quickly and affordably.

      We’ve sent your message to our Sales Team who should be getting back to you shortly to gather some more details on what you’re looking for. Your couch should be back to its old, comfy self soon!

      -Foam Factory

  • george cavanagh says:

    In need of a couch cushion re filled…..Could you help

    • Foam Factory says:


      We would be more than happy to help! Re-stuffing couch cushions is one of our specialties, and we have many different types of cushion foam that can fit your needs. Our Sales Team should be in touch with you soon to discuss what you’re looking for in your new cushions. In the meanwhile, feel free to take a look at our open-cell cushion foam selection: Open-Cell Cushion Foam.

      -Foam Factory

  • Marla says:

    My couch cushions are killing my back. I have plywood under the cushions but I think I just need new cushions. Can you help? What is the price of re-filling couch cushions. I have 3.
    Thank you for your time and help!


    • Foam Factory says:

      Hi Marla,

      If you placed plywood over your couch’s support base and you’re still not comfortable, you are probably correct that you need new cushions. Quality 3″ or 4″ thick cushions to replace what you currently have should make your couch feel much better. We certainly do offer cushion replacement services, and have many different varieties of foam to select from. Because every cushion project is unique, we custom-quote each job, so our Sales Team should be in contact with you shortly to find out more information on your project and see how we can help get your couch back in shape!

      -Foam Factory

  • Ann says:

    Do you ship to Canada?

  • Nixa says:

    Is there a store that I can get these cushions in the Bronx

    • Foam Factory says:

      Hi Nixa,

      Unfortunately, we only have one brick-and-mortar location in Metro Detroit. We do, however, ship anywhere in the country, so if you have specific questions about any products or a potential order, please feel free to get ahold of us via our Contact Us page!

      -Foam Factory

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