Supplies Needed to Complete This Task

You will need the following to measure the size of your cushion foam futons or other cushion: pen or pencil, paper, and tape measure.

Measuring to Fit

To order the correct amount of foam cushion, measurements need to be made, then adjusted.

If you are unsure about the dimensions or have questions after recording these measurements, contact Foam Factory by email with your figures. Let us know how many cushions you plan to order, and what sort of feel you are trying to create, and we would be happy to walk you through the process or suggest a foam!

Step 1: Sketch your cushion on paper, so that you can record the measurements of each side. This is especially helpful for specialty cushions like L-cushions, or T-cushions.

Step 2: Remove the old foam from the cover, and lay your cover flat on the floor, or a large, flat surface. Gently pull the cover so that there are no wrinkles or folds when you measure, making sure the material is showing its true size without being stretched.

Step 3: Using our Cushion Calculator, choose the shape that best fits your cushion, and review the diagram. The diagram will show you which measurements are needed for your cushion.

Step 4: Using your ruler or measuring tape, measure across the cover from seam to seam, following the diagram. It is best to measure across the middle of the cushion when possible, since measuring corner to corner may show slightly smaller dimensions due to the way the corners are stitched. It is considered best practice to measure each dimension twice to ensure proper sizing.

Adjusting Measurements

Once you have completed Steps 1 – 4, it is time to adjust your measurements. Adjusting the measurements is advised for replacement cushions. This helps ensure that there is enough foam to fill the cover completely after compressing slightly. As you insert your new foam cushion, the foam should compress a bit, filling out your cover for a tight fit and plush feel.

First, add 1/2" to all recorded dimensions. This includes the thickness of your cover, which needs to be further adjusted. If your new thickness exceeds a whole inch by less than 1/2", round down to the nearest whole inch. If your new thickness exceeds a whole inch by 1/2" or more, round up.

For example, if our initial thickness measured at 4-3/4", we would increase that dimension to 5-1/4", then round down to 5". If our initial thickness measured in at 5-1/4" to start, we would increase that to 5-3/4", then round up to 6" thickness.

You would then proceed to order your cushions using these newly recorded dimensions.

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