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Extend the Life of Your Mattress: Part I – Keep Your Mattress Dry

So, you’ve finally decided to purchase that brand-new mattress you’ve been dreaming of? A smart choice, particularly when you consider the positive impact the right mattress can have on your health. That, combined with the fact that many people, without realizing it, sleep on a mattress that should have been replaced years ago. Depending on […]

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Get Comfort in Your Convoy With Custom Truck and RV Mattresses!

While many enjoy the freedom of life on the road, it is not without its drawbacks. After enduring weather, racing the clock and having to be constantly aware of other drivers, putting a rig in park can be one of the most relieving feelings in the world. For truckers, these long hours can take a […]

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Value and Quality Give Foam Factory’s Dunlop Latex Mattresses an Edge Over the Competition

Since 1995, The Foam Factory has offered customers a wide range of top-quality latex foam mattresses and bedding products. Created using the Dunlop method of latex foam production, The Foam Factory’s latex contains only 100 percent natural ingredients, without any filler or synthetic material included in the formula. This natural makeup helps make all of […]

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The Foam Factory Memory Foam Mattresses Offer Top Quality at a Great Price

Memory foam mattresses have grown steadily in popularity over the last two decades, with greater emphasis on better health and sleep.  However, the rapid growth of this revolutionary material has been to both the benefit and detriment of potential customers. More competition lowers costs and provides greater selection, which is a good thing. But conversely, […]

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Custom Mattresses: Personalized Sleep, Tailored to You

Decades of research have linked a lack of sleep to numerous health problems, such as weight issues, irritability, difficulty focusing, depression and even hallucinations. These kinds of symptoms can arise not only from a lack of sleep, but also from poor or interrupted sleep. Setting aside a full 8 hours a night doesn’t benefit anyone […]

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