Get Comfort in Your Convoy With Custom Truck and RV Mattresses!

While many enjoy the freedom of life on the road, it is not without its drawbacks. After enduring weather, racing the clock and having to be constantly aware of other drivers, putting a rig in park can be one of the most relieving feelings in the world. For truckers, these long hours can take a toll on your energy and focus, making a full night’s rest imperative physically, in addition to the legality of sleeping after so many hours on the road. Unfortunately, the mattresses included in trucks are often low on the list of concerns for manufacturers and freight companies. Sanitation may also play a role, considering that many truckers do not own their own trucks and share vehicles with other drivers. Unlike home bedding however, a truck mattress is often a non-standard size.

Firm Lux Base, Medium HD36 Base and Convoluted Eggcrate Topper

Firm Lux Base, Medium HD36 Base and Convoluted Eggcrate Topper

The Foam Factory understands the importance of restful sleep for those who spend long hours at the wheel and realizes the difficulty in finding bedding that feels good and fits your berth as well. With their completely customizable line of mattresses and mattress toppers, getting comfortable bedding that also fits your sleeper cabin is now a non-issue.

With a wide line of conventional foam, memory foam and latex foam products, a mattress can be tailored to meet your unique comfort and support requirements without having to compromise to find something that fits within the frame of a cabin’s bunk beds. The Foam Factory is the manufacturer and retailer of their products, which allows them to make a custom-size mattress in a way many other mattress stores or big-box chains cannot. These capabilities also provide much more customization potential than just the size of a product. Patterns and comfort zones can be cut into a mattress for targeted areas of support and multiple foam types can be combined together for a fully personalized mattress that is made to last. This material combination is particularly useful for sleeper cabins where a bed rests against a wall. With limited space, access to the bed is restricted to one side, which will wear down more quickly over time than other areas. With The Foam Factory’s customization options, a firmer section of foam can be built into the outer edge of a mattress to compensate for the abuse it will receive, making for a mattress that performs better, longer.

Conventional foams are available in firm, medium and soft feels to meet any comfort preference. The memory foam line also touts three different densities and feels, and the latex foam has three levels of firmness between their mattresses and toppers. Even left at that, The Foam Factory would have a large variety of options for custom beds. However, the possibilities are nearly unlimited with the option to layer multiple sections of foam atop one another, combining their specific qualities into one hybrid mattress. Possible setups include firm high density foam used as a base with temperature sensitive memory foam on top, soft conventional foam layered over medium-feel conventional foam, or a latex layer could be placed upon a conventional foam base as well.

Not owning your own truck doesn’t exempt you from refreshing, custom sleep either. When it doesn’t make sense to replace a mattress, whether you’re always driving a different truck or you only spend short periods driving the same vehicle, The Foam Factory foam mattress toppers are a mobile option for achieving individualized comfort. They are also great options for individuals who are looking to save money or already have a mattress or cotton stuffed futon pad that isn’t terrible but could use a little extra something. When done driving, toppers can be easily rolled up and taken with you on your next trip. Like mattresses, toppers are also customizable and able to be cut to any dimensions.

4LB Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

4LB Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

Mattress toppers come with an additional option not offered in standard mattresses; a choice of a solid sheet topper or a convoluted/eggcrate foam topper. Eggcrate is excellent for an extra layer of comfort atop mattresses, with its pressure-relieving design. That same peak-and-valley cut allows more cooling airflow to pass under a user than would a solid sheet of the same material. Toppers are available in multiple heights for adding the perfect amount of comfort and support to a mattress. Eggcrate toppers are only available in conventional foams, but full sheet memory foam mattress toppers and latex mattress toppers are also available.

Something that should be kept in mind when considering a truck or RV bed is that they aren’t used in environments as stable as the ones in our homes. To maintain comfortable and safe sleeping temperatures, many truckers idle their vehicles to power their heat or air conditioning. However, some states are beginning to limit idling, some companies have idling caps in place and some truckers may choose to not leave their vehicles on all night. Picking the right bedding material can help truckers stay comfortable in a hot or cold cabin. As a temperature sensitive material, memory foam’s forming traits are activated by body heat in contact with the mattress. This warms the foam and as a result, the mattress stays warmer, an excellent option for those who drive in cooler climates. Conversely, latex foam features an aerating pinhole design that helps the sleeper stay cool by dissipating heat and transferring air with every movement of the body.

After you’ve been on the road for 14 straight hours, the prospect of climbing into an unsupportive, uncomfortable bed isn’t very desirable. With your ability to focus on the road key to your safety and the safety of everyone around you, waking up groggy and stiff is not an option. With a custom truck mattress, camper mattress or RV mattress from The Foam Factory, you’ll be waking up energized and refreshed, and chances are, your bed on the road will be more comfortable than your bed at home!

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