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No-Flip Mattress? That’s No Deal for Customers

One of the most recent trends in the bedding industry is the appearance of “no-flip mattresses.” On the surface, this seems like a fantastic idea; less work, less effort, and one less thing to worry about. Sounds great, huh? Not exactly. One of the main reasons flipping traditional mattresses was originally a suggestion from manufacturers […]

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Selecting Mattress Size: Picking the Right Bed for You

Some of the most important purchases we make in life are made particularly difficult due to the infrequency with which we have to make them. Compare the purchase of a home to picking up groceries. Obviously, eating is important enough that we die if we don’t do it, but at the same time, we buy […]

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Extend the Life of Your Mattress: Part V – Be Gentle With Your Mattress

In the fifth and final installment of our series on best practices for maximizing the life of your mattress, we offer Tip #5, which includes the true reason some mattresses have those flimsy handles and why you should always lift with your knees and not your… rope? Previous posts: Extend the Life of Your Mattress: […]

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Extend the Life of Your Mattress: Part III – Use Your Mattress Like a Mattress

With the third post in our series on getting the most out of your mattress, you’ll see why we, as well as the good doctor, say there should be no more monkeys jumping on the bed. Previous posts: Extend the Life of Your Mattress: Part I – Keep Your Mattress Dry Extend the Life of […]

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The Foam Factory Memory Foam Mattresses Offer Top Quality at a Great Price

Memory foam mattresses have grown steadily in popularity over the last two decades, with greater emphasis on better health and sleep.  However, the rapid growth of this revolutionary material has been to both the benefit and detriment of potential customers. More competition lowers costs and provides greater selection, which is a good thing. But conversely, […]

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RELEASE: Foam Factory, Inc. Introduces New Memory Foam Line

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 16, 2011 Foam Factory, Inc.’s New Memory Foam Bedding Line Offers Luxury and Affordability With the introduction of their new memory foam product line, Foam Factory, Inc. makes the science of sleep less complicated and more affordable than ever! The three-tiered ViscoSAVER, ViscoPLUSH and ViscoMAX memory foam mattress and mattress topper […]

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