RELEASE: Foam Factory, Inc. Introduces New Memory Foam Line


Foam Factory, Inc.’s New Memory Foam Bedding Line Offers Luxury and Affordability

With the introduction of their new memory foam product line, Foam Factory, Inc. makes the science of sleep less complicated and more affordable than ever! The three-tiered ViscoSAVER, ViscoPLUSH and ViscoMAX memory foam mattress and mattress topper line offers a range of options in terms of comfort, size and affordability. Now anyone can enjoy the benefits of quality memory foam, regardless of current set up, personal preferences or budget!

Each tier of the memory foam product line comes with its own set of features, making it easy for anyone to find a product that meets their requirements. Memory foam is most commonly categorized in two ways; density and indentation load deflection, or ILD. Density is the physical weight of one cubic foot of foam, indicating its long-term durability and resiliency, while ILD refers to the physical softness of the product. The greater the number indicated in an ILD rating, the firmer the foam will be.

The most economical of the three new products is ViscoSAVER, featuring a 3 pound density that provides durable comfort for people on a budget and an ILD of 13, which is an even balance of cushion and support. ViscoPLUSH is an excellent product for a balanced sleeping experience, with a longer-lasting 4 pound density, and a softer ILD of 11 that appeals to people wanting luxurious comfort. On the top tier is ViscoMAX, with a 5 pound density providing an estimated product life of almost 20 years and an ILD rating of 15, which offers a little extra firmness while still giving the user contoured comfort.

All products in Foam Factory’s new memory foam line are hypoallergenic for sensitive users and have a temperature sensitive foam structure that responds to the body’s unique contours, providing personalized comfort while still maintaining pressure-free support. This reduces stress on the body in addition to improving circulation, resulting in more restful, rejuvenating sleep. Additionally, the ViscoPLUSH and ViscoMAX products meet California’s TB117 flammability standard.

Originally developed by NASA in the mid-1960s to help astronauts cope with the forces generated during take off and re-entry, memory foam has since been applied to numerous terrestrial applications. It is now most commonly recognized as a premium bedding and comfort product.

Foam Factory offers memory foam mattresses in heights of 3 or 4 inches, laminated to a 5 inch conventional foam base to provide every benefit of memory foam while saving the customer money. Mattress toppers, offered in heights of 2, 3 or 4 inches, provide the comfort and support of memory foam without the expense of having to purchase a new mattress. Both the mattresses and mattress toppers are available in standard or custom sizes and can be accompanied by an optional terrycloth cover.

For more information on the memory foam line, services or to see the entire product line, visit the Web site,, call (586) 627-3626 or e-mail [email protected].


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