Get King-Size Comfort Combining Beds with a Foam Bed Bridge

For anyone who has switched from a twin-size bed to a full, queen or king-size bed, the experience of stretching out across the extra room bigger sizes provide can be a revelation. Few people, all things being equal, would say they’d prefer a smaller bed to a larger one. But for situations where space isn’t the factor preventing someone from upgrading, money often is. To get the comfort and space of a king-size mattress without the king-size cost, The Foam Factory offers foam bed bridges to seamlessly join two twin mattresses for the comfort you want at a price you can afford.

Bed Bridge's Deep, Space-Filling Wedge

Bed Bridge’s Deep, Space-Filling Wedge

Manufactured from soft but supportive open-cell poly foam, The Foam Factory bed bridges are inserted in the gap between two side-by-side mattresses to create a smooth surface that doubles a mattress’ width. With a 78 inch length, a bed bridge can have the three excess inches trimmed off for twin-size mattresses, while it will fill all but 2 inches of the gap in XL-length beds. The wedge that extends into the gap between the two beds is 3-1/4 inches long and tapers at its end, ensuring that the gap is filled with enough material to prevent sagging, but not so much that a bulge forms in its place. To ensure a comfortable, gentle transition from mattress surface to the bed bridge, the product is 10 inches wide from top to bottom. By spanning the edges of the mattresses, the bridge creates a more natural surface feeling, rather than feeling like a plug with a different feel and firmness was inserted. A custom-size mattress can even be created by combining two different mattress sizes.

With large mattresses, prices can extend into the thousands of dollars, while creating a large bed with two twin mattresses and The Foam Factory’s bed bridge can translate to huge savings. In almost every case, purchasing two twin mattresses plus a bed bridge from The Foam Factory will be cheaper than purchasing a company’s similarly sized king-size mattress. Having extra room to stretch out can make the difference between a restful night’s sleep and an evening spent tossing and turning. The comfort and cost benefits a bed bridge provides to an individual, while major, increase 10 fold for individuals who share beds with a partner.

One of the biggest issues for couples who share a sleeping surface is the difference in opinion as to what constitutes a comfortable mattress. There isn’t a right or wrong answer since it isn’t really a personal decision, as your body dictates what it likes and what it doesn’t. One person may get their best sleep on a super-soft pillow top mattress, while another may prefer an ultra-firm surface. This can lead to compromises as both parties sacrifice comfort to please their partner. This is a noble thing to do, but in truth, nobody wins when neither person is having their comfort and support needs met. This lack of rest can put a strain on the relationship, as well as have a negative impact on overall health, since you aren’t getting your best sleep. Couples who have been unable to find a balance that satisfies both people frequently switch to a two-bed system that, while providing the right surface for good sleep, sacrifices the closeness they may desire. A foam bed bridge is able to solve all of these issues.

Two completely different mattress styles can be placed side-by-side, and by using the bed bridge to join them, are transformed into a single bed that provides each person the comfort they need without separating them. Dual-comfort beds have been created, particularly using air mattress technology, that combine bed types into a single mattress. However, these mattresses cost thousands of dollars and still feature a middle seam with the same lack of transition between the two sections. For hundreds of dollars less, two individual mattresses can be bought along with a bed bridge foam wedge to meld them into one, for economical, custom comfort.

The Foam Factory’s bed bridges can be used on any mattress type, not just foam. For water beds, innerspring and air mattresses, bridges can be placed directly on the mattress, and covered with your sheets, pads and toppers. Bridges can also be placed on top of an individual mattress’ bedding and covered only with the top sheet encasing the two forms. With these mattress materials, use can be dictated by what an individual finds to be the most comfortable. With foam beds however, The Foam Factory suggests keeping a sheet or mattress pad layer between the foam body of the mattresses and the bed bridge. The foam mattress and bed wedge generate foam-on-foam friction through normal use and can cause either material to break down prematurely. By simply keeping a fabric layer over the mattress as a buffer between the two forms, this issue is negated.

Gentle Bed Bridge Taper

Gentle Bed Bridge Taper

Bridged mattresses are usually able to be held together by using snug, fitted sheets that wrap both mattresses at once. For people who still feel their two beds aren’t secure enough under sheets, a ratchet strap wrapped around the outside edge of your bed can hold the two forms snugly in place.* To prevent damage to the bedding, a strap should only be tight enough to keep the two beds from moving apart without visibly squeezing their shape.

Whether you’ve decided it’s about time you got to stretch out and relax in bed or if you and your partner have tried everything under the sun to give you both the sleep surface you need, a bed bridge from The Foam Factory is the affordable, common-sense solution.

*Note: It is important not to over-tighten straps as this can damage a mattress of any material. This is especially important with foam mattresses, as over-tightening can compact the corners of mattresses affecting the fit of sheets, or even cut into a foam core if severely over-tightened. The Foam Factory suggests using straps no smaller than 3 inches in width to evenly spread pressure along the edge of the foam.

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