Foam Bed Bridge

Foam Types
Poly Foam

Standard Size
10" x 3" x 78"


Enjoy the space and freedom of a king-size mattress with a foam bed bridge! By filling the unwanted gap in the middle, the foam bed bridge turns two twin-size beds into one seamless king-size mattress. In addition to creating a single, uniform bed, the foam bed bridge is perfect for couples who desire different levels of bed firmness. Bed bridges are also great for multi-cushion v-berth mattresses on boats that feature two or three sections separated by a seam.

The thickness of the foam bed bridge is 3". This tapers down to 1/4" on both the left and right of the foam bed bridge. The part of the product that drops between the mattresses is about 1-1/4" thick.

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Foam Bed Bridge Poly Foam
10" x 3" x 78"

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