Relax on Your Own Terms, With Foam Sack Bean Bag Customization

One of the most memorable home furnishings of the 60s and 70s was the bean bag chair; an icon of comfort and design. The bean bag has come a long way since then, and today, these amorphous seats are making a comeback with a wide selection of covering fabrics, sizes, shapes, and filling material.

Micro Suede Foam Sack Covers

Micro-Suede Foam Sack Covers

While the original foam filling of beaded polystyrene pellets still exists, manufacturers are turning to shredded polyurethane foam more frequently as a filling alternative. This change in material offers more fullness, durability, softness, and resiliency while preserving the concept of a cushioning, comfortable, free-form piece of furniture that conforms to its user. This positions The Foam Factory to be a premier provider of these unique products, and with their 30-plus years of experience and diverse fleet of machinery, The Foam Factory offers customization options you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

With a stock selection of foam sack bean bag chairs that offers more than 70 potential options between the six sizes, 12 colors of 100 percent micro-suede, and an option for a stuffed, liner-only form, The Foam Factory has a staggering number of choices even before delving into individual customization. Stuffed with a blend of shredded conventional foam that provides an all-around, medium-feel in new products or extra bean bag refill  for sacks already owned, The Foam Factory’s Foam Sacks are supportive enough to keep you from bottoming out, yet are comfortable enough to mold and move with you. In addition to these standard customization options, The Foam Factory offers even more methods for customizing your soft furniture.

One of the biggest issues people have with the bean bag chair is a result of its greatest benefit. Because the chairs form to the user without any rigidity, TV remotes, cell phones, loose change, and many other things can get lost and roll under the user. The Foam Factory solves this issue by offering the options to have custom pockets sewn into the chair, giving you a specific place to house your belongings without having to leave one of your giant bean bag chairs. Pockets can be made large, small, loose, or tight based upon your needs and can even feature zippers for added storage security. With pockets, when you need to skip forward on your DVR or send a text message, you’ll always know exactly where your remote and phone will be.

We’ve all had our minds set on something when nothing else would do. Perhaps this is where you find yourself looking for the perfect bean bag cover. Fortunately, The Foam Factory offers thousands of possible fabric choices from their upholstery books that can be ordered and sewn into a cover for your foam sack chair, stuffed full of resilient shredded foam filling. These upholstery fabrics are designed to hold up to the rough life of a furniture cover while staying attractive, perfect for a bean bag cover. Going further with that customization, The Foam Factory also allows customers to bring their own fabrics to be made into a cover, regardless of where it was purchased. If you find the perfect material while out shopping or have leftovers from an old project, The Foam Factory will gladly turn it into a comfy bean bag chair for you. Few companies will create a product for you using materials that weren’t purchased from them, but with this level of customization The Foam Factory offers, no compromises have to be made.

Shredded Foam Bean Bag Filling

Shredded Foam Bean Bag Filling

The customizations don’t stop there either. Since each foam sack is made of five separate sections of fabric sewn and zippered together, different colors and materials can be utilized in a single, one-of-a-kind sack. Perhaps you have a man-cave or media room that’s dedicated to your alma mater or favorite ball club. You can outfit the room with foam furniture built in your team’s colors, whether they’re green and white, black and orange or any other spirited combo. Maybe you’ve built your children an activity room and want it decorated with bright and stimulating colors. An over-size chair made of vibrant reds, blues, and yellows would be the perfect centerpiece. You may already have a fully furnished living room but have been in search of a versatile form to serve as an ottoman as well as an extra seat. A 3 foot round bean bag with a dark burgundy trunk and a black, hard-to-soil top would be a tasteful, multi-purpose addition. The choice to design cushions with multiple colors along with the thousands of possible fabrics means The Foam Factory can make a foam sack to practically any design requirements.

If the classic round bean bag isn’t what you’re looking for and the gargantuan, 8 foot long huge bean bags don’t hit the mark either, custom shapes can be requested. Wedges that tuck snugly into a room’s corner, tapered shapes, or the traditional bean bag shape made in an in-between size can all be created. If you have a foam sack idea in mind, all it takes is an e-mail or phone call and The Foam Factory can help you bring that idea to life. Even the foam filling is customizable, like the option to swap the standard shredded foam for shredded memory foam.

Your home is where you should feel most comfortable, both physically and aesthetically. To strike the perfect chord with foam for furniture, you can utilize the customization The Foam Factory offers for their Foam Sacks line and be glad you did.

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4 Responses to “Relax on Your Own Terms, With Foam Sack Bean Bag Customization”

  • Karen says:

    Hi I have 2 bean bags meduim I need to know how to buy the foam like this one

    • Foam Factory says:

      Hi Karen,

      There are a few ways to figure out how to buy foam filling for new or replacement bean bag chairs. One of the best places to start is on our Foam Sack Cover page. If you measure your bean bag chairs, and match the size to what we offer, you’ll have a good starting point for getting enough filling. The Shredded Foam options we have include polystyrene, conventional, and memory foam. The “Large Bags” mentioned on the cover page are available in memory and conventional foam, while the single-size of the polystyrene Bean Bag Pellets is equivalent to a large bag as well. Depending on your bean bag size, “Full Size” bags are also available in conventional and memory foam for people who want extra fullness or have chairs that fall between sizes.

      Thank you for your question Karen. I’ve passed your message on to our Customer Service Team who should be in contact with you shortly to go over your request more in-depth!

      -Foam Factory

  • Greg says:

    How do you buy bean bags without the beans, just the Bean bag cover

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