Perform Self-Massage with a Foam Roller

The benefits of regular massage therapy are numerous. They range from simple relaxation to stress elimination, better circulation, improvement in flexibility, and reduction in inflammation, joint pain, and scar tissue. But getting a professional massage is far too costly for most people, which is why using a foam roller for self-massage is the next best thing.

Foam rolling is performed with a cylinder made of exercise foam in varying densities, with 3 lbs — like the ones we offer at — being among the most common. By positioning the foam roller under the targeted muscles and moving your body back and forth over the foam roller very slowly, you achieve what’s known as myofascial release. In other words, you successfully work out the “knots” that develop in tired or overstressed muscles.

When performed on a regular basis after exercise or after a long day on the job, self-massage with an exercise foam roller can:

  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Improve recovery time after workouts
  • Break up scar tissue and prevent scar tissue buildup in muscles
  • Serve as a relaxation technique to help you de-stress
  • You can even make your own foam roller if you enjoy simple DIY projects. All you need is a piece of PVC pipe in the desired length and diameter, such as 11” long and 5” wide (which is one of our bestselling sizes). You also need a piece of gym rubber foam or a similarly durable yet flexible foam material to wrap around the pipe. And finally, you must have a can of spray adhesive or strong glue to hold the gym rubber foam in place.

    Once you purchase your exercise foam roller from FoamByMail or make your own using our materials, you can check out different foam rolling routines online. Finding a routine that suits your needs (e.g. for runners, for weightlifters, for desk jockeys, etc.) and following that routine several times a week will lead to vast improvements in the way you feel and perform.

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