Foam Roller for Muscle Maintenance

Foam has many fitness applications, and foam rollers keep growing in popularity. This simple act, although sometimes a little painful, involves rolling back and forth over specific muscles or muscle groups to alleviate tension and soreness.

The foam roller is excellent for pre-workout warm-ups. Warming up or activating muscle groups can help reduce changes or tears, sprains, or strains. A foam roller can be used on almost any part of the body, including the back, arms, thighs, calves, and more.

My personal experience is that the foam roller excels at the post-workout activity—especially legs which are prone to tightness after running and walking. The large muscle groups due to most of the work, and you will feel it after a hard work out when you are walking or just sitting down. The foam roller gives you the ability to target specific areas based on what you did during your workout to help relieve soreness.

Another beneficial recovery aid is the foam body pillow. While you may not think this is something that may impact your fitness levels, it is worth considering. Similar to how a foam body block works, this type of pillow helps relieve stress on joints after exceptionally long or strenuous workouts. We all know how vital sleep is on our overall fitness, and this can help you get the much-needed rest needed to aid in recovery and your overall health.

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