How to Clean Up Spills from a Memory Foam Mattress or Pillow

Sometimes despite your best efforts to protect your memory foam mattress or memory foam pillow from damage, a spill or accident will occur. When this happens, you need to spring into action immediately before the spill has a chance to set in and ruin the appearance of your bedding. Here are some tips on how […]

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Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Quickly

There are many variables involved in getting a restful night’s sleep, including keeping your bedroom sufficiently dark and at a comfortable temperature; having a supportive memory foam mattress; and avoiding alcohol, caffeine, or other stimulants for several hours before you turn in. But one often overlooked variable is being able to fall asleep quickly—say within […]

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Foam Makes Traveling for the Holidays Better

The holiday season is the busiest travel time of the year, as millions of Americans crowd the country’s airports and highways in a rush to visit loved ones in far off destinations. With this many people and variables involved, even the most carefully planned itinerary can unravel quickly and leave your family subject to traffic […]

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Benefits of Using a Mattress Cover

If the only thing separating you from your foam, memory foam, or latex mattress is a flimsy fitted sheet, then you might inadvertently be shortening the useful life of your bedding. Although foam and latex are highly durable and designed to last for many years, they can only achieve that lengthy lifespan with proper care—which […]

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Mattress Buying Tips for Bargain Hunters

A good quality mattress is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. It’s a product that you’ll use every day and that you’ll rely on for restful, restorative sleep for the next 8-10 years. Even so, that doesn’t mean you have to part with a small fortune to get the kind of comfort, […]

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Prepare for Holiday Guests

Part of getting ready for the holidays involves preparing your home to receive guests. In some cases, this might amount to little more than setting a few extra places at the dinner table; in others, you might have to go so far as to provide sleeping quarters for one or more nights. While making and […]

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The Foam Factory’s Foam Futon Mattresses Pack Comfort and Quality

Futons are fantastic in theory. Something that optimizes space, saves money by functioning as two pieces of furniture in one product, and even offers guests a place to sleep? What a concept! Of course, execution is different from theory, and while many high-quality futons are made and manufactured, there as just as many entry level […]

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The Foam Factory Now Offering New Poly-Cotton Knit Mattress Cover

When we buy something expensive, it’s hard to rationalize not spending just a little bit more to ensure the safety of the purchase. After all, at a certain point, a little extra money going out the door to ensure longevity and functionality is a no-brainer. Smartphones are a perfect example. There aren’t many people dropping […]

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The Logic Behind Layered Memory Foam Mattresses

If, by 2015, you’re still just hearing your first whispers about a material called memory foam, you might want to re-evaluate the comfort of the rock you’ve been sleeping under. The uniquely temperature-sensitive product has become synonymous with pressure-relief and comfort in the world of bedding over the last 10 years. Because of this, the […]


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Explaining the Unique Impact of Density in Memory Foam Products

When evaluating and comparing different types of foam, one of the two most important ways to measure these materials is density (firmness being the other). In regard to conventional foam, understanding this density trait can help you pick out a foam type or product that best meets your requirements, whether you need something for bedding, […]

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