Building A Foam Ball Pit

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When looking for something fun for all ages, a foam ball pit is a great choice. It provides a safe, fun activity right in the comfort of your own home. While you know they can be a lot of fun for the family, you may be lost on how to make a ball pit. There are a few steps in building a foam ball pit. Let’s take a look so you can get started on this project!

Choose the Size and Location

The first step in building a foam ball pit is to decide on size and location. You should consider these factors based on the possible spaces where a ball pit wouldn’t get in the way, how many people you want to be able to fit in the pit, and how much you want to spend. If you have a small spare room or a patio, these are good places to make a ball pit. You will need to keep in mind how much of the space will be ball pit and how much will be left open. If you are doing an outside space such a patio or balcony for the pit, you need to make sure the pit will be protected from bugs, rain, or other outside concerns. This can be remedied with a cover for the pit by way of a tarp. It is also important to keep in mind that placing the pit in the corner of a room or patio is always better than building it in the center. It saves money and time on creating the frame and it keeps the rest of the floor open.

When looking at size, you need to consider both the width and the depth of the pit. A good average is to aim for a 4 foot by 4 foot space at a minimum. This would be ideal for 1-2 people to use the ball pit. For 3-4 people to use it, aim for 4 feet by 8 feet for more room. When it comes to depth of the pit, 3 feet deep is a good guideline. This will give plenty of room for jumping around without feeling like the pit is so deep you are drowning in balls.

Figure Out the Foam Pit Cubes or Foam Balls

The next step in building a foam pit is to figure out how many foam pit cubes you will need. Most people underestimate how many balls are needed for a ball pit. For a ball pit of 4×8 with a 3 foot depth, you are probably looking at thousands of balls, not hundreds like most people assume. The good news is that you can find balls in bulk from a range of retailers so you can shop around for the best price based on what you need.

Enclose the Ball Pit Area

When people are jumping around in the ball pit, balls will likely get spilled. This is why it is a good idea to make sure balls stay contained as much as possible with some basic netting or screening. You can order this material online and attach it to the ceiling with a staple gun where the ball pit will be placed so it hangs over the ball pit once finished. This will help keep the balls in so you aren’t chasing them around the room or patio after play.

Assemble the Frame

The frame is important because it keeps the balls in place and creates stability. It should be sturdy and made of something solid such as wood. People will also use the sides of the ball pit to get in and out of the pit which makes the need for a sturdy frame even more crucial to this project. Most people choose plywood based on their size measurements of width and depth and then nail it to planks on the top and bottom of the frame. You want to make sure there is a flooring so to speak inside the ball pit to keep it all attached. This can be more plywood that is nailed to the walls of the frame. You want to make sure the frame is secure and doesn’t wobble from side to side. If it isn’t secure, you need to nail it together in more places to keep it secure.

Add Foam Padding

The foam is the most important aspect in creating a safe ball pit. Foam is the perfect material for a ball pit because it is soft yet sturdy to help with impacts and jumps. You want a foam that gives a little bit of cushion but is still sturdy so you can stand on it to get out of the pit. Once you have found the right foam for your preferences and budget, you can start installing it on the inside of the frame. You want to glue the foam to the wood of the floor and walls. It is important to make sure you take care to cover any areas where the nails are located to avoid accidents later on. You also want to make sure the foam padding completely covers the entirety of the interior of the pit. It would be pretty painful to jump into a ball pit and land on wood instead of foam. Finally, you want to add foam to the planks making up where people will get in and out of the pit. This ensures there are no rough edges when jumping around and provides support for getting in/out without worry.

Add Balls, Basketball Hoops, or Other Features!

Once you have the frame assembled and the foam securely in place, all that is left is to add the balls. This part is easy as you simply pour the balls in and pick up any runaways that get away in the process. You now have your very own ball pit! You can add to the fun by adding a few extras such as a basketball hoop mounted to the wall or a small slide to slide into the pit. You can even add an inflatable tube to pretend you are floating on a pool. Whatever you add to it, your new ball pit is sure to be fun for all ages!

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    I am handling an insurance claim and need to get some quote and an idea of lead times for the following foam:

    160 cubic meters of fire retardant N28 for a pit in any other following sizes.

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